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April 11, 2006



Only God knows where the shovel is Aunt Teri...only God......


Too cute.
I'm going to have to bookmark this page for when my Little Man gets older, since I know he will be chock-full of stories of some sort...


I wrote back to Teri,

"well, of course this was John M's (ma's ex) favorite about me and bri.
Brian, age 8-9? I open our front door to see the kid LYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Just...lying there. So Me (I'm 15-16?) yell out from the front steps, "BRIAN- YOU MORON!" I guess it was in my delivery b/c John nearly wet himself.

Once in awhile, "moron" is the perfect word to use.


You know, if I'd read this before I had kids, I think I would have foregone the experience.

Now, I'm doomed. DOOMED, I tell ya.


Coming from a family with 5 females and 2 males, it was like culture shock to have the 4 males and 1 female here. I was grateful to have time with you girls occasionally to nurture my lost feminine soul. (plus y'all were pretty damn funny in a whole new way!)

Jess R

Haaa! Very cute. I was a bit of a tomboy as a kid, and I recall getting in more than my share of "incidents."


Oh I love the "God can't tell" one. Classic!


Sometimes I am so, so glad that I have 2 girls.

Liberal Banana

Oh my gosh, that is too. Funny. I tell ya, someday when I run out of regular stuff to blog about, I'm havin' me some kids so I am refilled with new hilarious stories!


What good are siblings if you can't bribe them and make them your slaves?


Having had both, girls and boys, I have to say you are in trouble either way. With the boys, I have noticed they do more stupid stuff to themselves; while on the other hand, the girls get somebody else (usually boys) to do the stupid things.
I had to laugh at my son, while I was teaching him to catch. He would miss the ball and I told him to chase it. One time, when he missed the ball- I should not have thrown it toward the wall. He chased it.



Your family gives good blog.


I can totally relate to the whole "younger sibling slave" role. It was the greatest day when it dawned on me...duh I have a YOUNGER BROTHER..."Brian go get me a bowl of ceral PRONTO..." And he did! Life was grand.


I would like to point out that God has yet to bring the perpetrator to justice.

just sayin'...

Oh, and younger brothers were not covered under the emancipation proclimation. They're exempted under a little seen Appendix at the end.

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