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April 30, 2006



My preference would be Ruffles and Dean's onion dip. With Little Debbie brownies for dessert and a large glass of iced tea to wash it all down (burp). I'm glad to see I'm not the only health food junkie!


Grey's Spoiler Ahead!

McDreamy had no right to be visibly incensed when he saw M. freshly showered in the Vet's shirt. I mean, COME ON, DUDE. No tears from me either. And nice bra, Addison.


Spoiler alert part 2: He calls her a "bad word" in next week's ep. based on that, too. I was all OH NO YOU DI-UNT.

normally I don't even have frosting. Iwas going to make cupcakes for a small girls' party I had last week but never got around to it (tho I have gone thru one can already). I got my period this weekend- I wonder if there is any tie-in there.


That seems like a perfectly balanced meal to me.

And nice purse.


Did you dip the Fritos in the Funfetti? That's where I'd have to draw the line. Eaten separately - fine. Mixed together - revolting.


no dipping - it was part of the lid which had to be taken off to get at the frosting. I have no idea why I was eating frosting straight - it wasn't even a brand I liked.


Funfetti? Seriously, Jen? I totally underestimated you.


sierra mist fresca? I need to go buy that.


And you're so thin! Hmmm, maybe Funfetti is some little-known diet trick.

Huh. Funfetti. Who would have thought?


i thought of you last night as i dove into my nice large and warm, slick of apple pie alamode. for dinner.

oh yeah.

there are days when all i have eaten is a handful of peanuts, a nutty butty bar (or twix), a coffee, a piece of pizza and some chubby hubby.

no big friggin surprise i have the energy of a 70 year old.


if you eat crap food with diet soda, the diet soda covers the crap food in your belly making the crap food diet food.

my very scientific studies have proven this.

enjoy my diet secret.


No dipping, huh? Doesn't it all just mix together in your stomach, anyway? (that'd be my dad's rationale anyway)


OMG Nancy, my dad says the same thing.

Jen, thanks for the reassurance that you weren't dipping. Although if you change your mind about the Funfetti, I think I have some in the pantry.


I may have to enjoy a Frito dinner tonight. I like mine with cheese dip, though. And not just cheese. Processed, fake, microwaved cheese. The guys at the convenience store down the street are probably amazed that I don't weigh 600 pounds. They're the only ones who know how I really eat!


Megan, it is a miracle of modern science (or DNA) that I don't either. Actually the Frito scoops (the big ass ones, accept no substitues) were for a white trash dip I make (mex. cheese, chili, cream cheese, salsa),and was going to for a gathering I had, but never got around to making.

I swear, if my insides could talk...

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