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April 03, 2006



What a lovely story. ;) Who doesn't love a good period surprise story? Glad no damage was done!


Oh thank GOD. I was all squinched up ready to be mortified for you and then...it was all right! Whew.

Let she who has not suffered the white pants embarrassment throw the first maxi-pad.


It's gonna be the day you have a huge presentation or something, too. And you have no supplies in your desk, and the restroom dispenser is broken, and your best female bud is absent from work so you have to ask the mean lady in the next cubicle.

Gradual Gardener

Been there. Done that.


I have soooo been there also, but I'm thankful to hear that it didn't require the purchase of NEW pants. Geez. I've tested out the, umm, pregnancy test theory, and it totally works.


I once got scared because I couldn't remember if I had gotten my period the previous month (my short-term memory really needs some help), so I went to the store, bought a pregnancy test, and got my period WHILE PEEING ON IT. Fucker.


I love those Heatwrap things. And Advil LiquiGels.

Those new pictures of Libby are adorable! I love how babies try to eat people's fingers.


Soon, I will write an ode to the wonder of the Liqui-gel. My period showed on Saturday- as I shared a mall bathroom stall with Emily. Leading to less than thrilling questions about uterine lining and the wonders of being a girl.

I LOVE those heat things. I wear them on my neck in times of high stress.

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