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April 07, 2006



HA HA HA HA HA, I have to admit, that might be Karma, and I have experienced it as well. Oooh oooh, we have to do lunch sometime soon! I don't even know where there is a Wendy's nearby!


Yeah, that karma she's a bitch and all, and I guess that lady could have just cashed her paycheck at the bank, but I agree, hundreds? A lot of places have signs that say they can't break a hundred dollar bill. I never get anything bigger than 50s.


Ha ha ha. That was so totally Karma.

Kind of like when I see a REALLY nice car with a gold package and tinted windows and try really hard not to think, "HMMM. Drug dealer?" And then only just barely manage not to run some old lady over as my judgemental mind wanders...

Yes. I am a jackass.


Yes, they do. Take credit cards.

And I won't comment on how I know.


And debit. So ghetto, don't I know. I shoulda asked if they'd take a check.


I will admit I always used to be one of those people who would frown upon tantrum-throwing kids in stores -- I'd make all sorts of snap judgements about the parents, etc. But heck, karma slapped me in the ass a few times. I know now that even children with smart, boundary-setting parents can have the mother of all breakdowns in the aisles of Target, with a whole Sunday School group or somesuch looking on.

So hey, maybe she won some humanitarian award where the prize was handed out in hundred dollar bills? Like she rescued a whole herd of kittens from a pet store fire? And then ran back in to save the lone puppy?

Yeah, that's it.


I could spend a hundred bucks at Wendy's. I love that place.

Jess R

Man, I've used my credit cards to pay for as little as $1.27. I really should carry cash. LOL

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