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April 04, 2006



Too fricken cute.


"Pssst Auntie Jenn. I totally expect you to bail me out when I am 18 and get caught drinking. Promise?"


Ahh. Is she preening? I think she's preening.


If I can buy for her then underage mom, the least I can do is bail out her underage daughter. And not tell her mom about it. Because her Mom has this coming to her. And she knows why.


I SAID I WAS SORRY!!!! GAWD! Is this going to be like Dad telling Sarah he gave her parents money to buy her a pony and she should ask them why they are keeping it from her....payback is a b!tch I guess. OR I could just not allow you visitation rights with Libby after let's say age......15/16 just to be safe.


I'm not buying my niece anything illicit - but i am pretty sure she'll have my phone # memorized by then. And if she is her mother's daughter, it'll come in handy.


Awww! I'm melting! Mel-ti-i-ing...

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