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April 11, 2006



Yeah, ants rank right under spiders on my list of things that need to die a LOT.

Don't worry, exterminators know that bugs hide and they know where to look for them.

They won't think you're crazy. Well, at least not for that. ;)


My college apartment had a terrible ant problem in the kitchen, too. I only realized how bad it had gotten when I poured myself a bowl of Cheerios and, glancing down at my first spoonful, realized there were ants floating in the milk. The worst part? I had already eaten one bowl.


They fucking ARE nocturnal! We had those in hoardes in our cupboards and they'd come out, crawl all over everything and then be in bed by 11pm. Fuckers.


Yeah, my property management kept telling me I was crazy when I tried to explain to them the magnitude of my ant infestation last year.

Then I took pictures with my digital camera.

(I posted about my own ant insanity on my blog recently, interestingly enough).


A word of advice: DO NOT go to bed with a Krispy Kreme strapped to your chest.

I'm just helpful that way.


And they leave this chemical trail for all other ants to follow for all eternity, that no cleaning product can get rid of. I found some in the DOG'S dish yesterday morning.

Melissa wins the ICK award for her Cheerios. That's my vote.


After many years of living in apartments in cities and never seeing a single freakin' bug, we moved out here and had ants. Yuck.

My exterminator talks a little too much, especially about the area where he lives and how affluent it is, but he sure can kill bugs.

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