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April 13, 2006



Happy Blogiversary, Annie... er... Jen! Yeah, I'm with you on the "dropping the blog thing in conversation thing." DAMN AWKWARD. I'm hoping this weekend I can post about my bro's reaction when I slipped and mentioned my blog last night.

We have got to hang out sometime so I can ply you with drinks and get you to reenact the choir audition phone call. LOL!!! At least you didn't sing "Surrey With the Fringe on Top." Small miracle there.

Liberal Banana

Oh my gosh - that is too funny! And I LOVE that your dad wrote "Better late than pregnant" on your birthday card. Can I use that line?? HILARIOUS!


actaully, that was the line the card had printed on the inside. unique relationship we have, dad & me.


I don't mention the blog in polite conversation.

And I'm with you, typepad's spell check sucks like whoa.


happy blogiversary jen!!!


and whats this you say about 'spellcheck'? sounds interesting.


just today I heard the words "I wrote a blog post about that" to a total stranger at the phone store. What is wrong with me? Like he's going to be impressed by that? Dork.


Recently a comment was made to me about my "ego", to which I got very very irritated. Until I realized that I DO have a blog. And I WAS talking about it and, gee, maybe that means that I have an "ego"?

I fluctuate between wanting to paper all the cars in Walmart with flyers saying - "READ ME - I'M HILARIOUS" and being too cool to mention.

But yes. All the cool kids have the blogs.

And the sun *will* come out tomorrow. Please come to Blogher, so we can get you drunk and you'll sing that for us. Pretty, pretty please?

PS - send me your real address - I have just the card for your event


Happy Blogoversary, Jen!

I'm so happy you started your blog-- it's brought me many happy times since I started reading, not least of which is the chance to get to know you as a real person and not just one of my favorite bloggers.

When I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely, I know I can always come here for a laugh.

Your mom got you but good!

Also-- my co-worker/voice teacher (I'm one of those girls, I guess-- though hopefully not too goaty) gave me an encouraging/pitying look when I mentioned that I keep an online journal. "Oh! That's great."

I wanted to say, "I AM cool! Really!"
But when you say things like that, you're only giving evidence to the contrary.


Wow, I can't believe it's been a year of fun filled reading. I love that you have a blog and that you share your wonderful humor with us. Who would have thought that the "tinkle twins" would grow up to be so accomplished! Good times...

Liberal Banana

I forgot to comment on the blogoversary! Happy times!

I know exactly what you mean when it comes to bringing it up in conversation. Sometimes I get so embarassed, like when my friend mentioned it in front of our whole book club (all very hip, sophisticated girls that make me feel like a troll).

I have even used the phrase, "One of my readers..." a few times and then I feel like a total asshole. Oh well, too bad. I love blogging and meeting new people through it - it's awesome! Hope your next year is just as great as your first!


Happy Blog Anniversary...

And Blogger's spell check sucks my ass. It's *never* worked for me. Ever.


I love that your dad sent you that card. Bring him around sometime!

Happy Blogiversary!

(And how DOES one bring up, delicately, that they have a blog? Hmmmm...)


Happy blogiversary! I never tell anyone that I have a blog!

That is toooo funny. Your mom is good.

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