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April 21, 2006



Wow. I'm impressed. The only thing I can say in Spanish is "Where is the toilet?"


i think stella was cheating by using the free online translator. i'd ask for an independent counsel to investigate.


um no. thank you. there was a rule about that.

in your FACE!

jen i am rolling...


MamaT- but hey, at least you know THE most important phrase there is, ya know?

kat- we did have a "code of spanglishers". I don't know all the words she looked up (she told me a few, I asteriked mine or make mention of what I had to look up on her notes) but bascially we were working from memory (which anyone who speaks Spanish fluently (hi,Halloweenlover) will tell you we crippled this beautiful language.

Well, mostly stella did. ha.


oh honey! your pink dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!

but see there are two things in your favor.

a) it's baby pink. not peach.
b) you have pigmentation of the CARRRRO.

whats up.

i have a feeling we would have a REALLY good time drinking together.


thank you. I likey.
and yeah, peach is not my fave...heading too close or orange-town.

yes, I bet we could let our "pelos" down, no problemo.


I do not know who won, since my head started hurting about halfway through the post, much like it did when I took 9th grade Spanish back in the day.

Let me know if you ever want to have a bad pun war. I'm equal to it, more or less. (see? bad pun right there!)


It all depends on the accents... :)
My friend and I leave very similar messages on each other's voice mail...mainly because we've mastered (or so we think) the Donde esta? conversation...


Though I can't chose sides (for obvious reasons), I did get many a smirk, giggle and tee hee over this exchange.

Any once-almost-fluent-but-now-only-remembers-enough-to-order-lunch-and-maybe-a-stripper Frenchies out there? I could play in that game. =)

Oh, and the pink IS lovely, and if Stella's "pigmentation" had only seen the SUN once or twice in the whole of LAST YEAR, she would have been RADIANT in peach! She's have been a VISION, Dammit!

Mike G

Jen, next time just have another window open to Bable Fish. Working at a company where German is making a comeback it proves valuable. Makes a great bookmark for such occasions. http://world.altavista.com/


This has actually inspired me to learn Spanish, if only to engage in the next 'Gringa-Off.'

And Jen, I will have to say you get my vote for best line with your 'teeth capped in yellow Legos' line.


I only took one semester of College Intro to Spanish, so tell me-is it a big Spanish insult to be called the "son of strong chickens"? or to have a fat Grandma? hee hee!


Quando escribiende un otra cosa leer? Tengo nada libras.


To funny, I somehow stumbled upon this following some other links. I like how you two think... FYI - all I know is "bese meculo" (sp?)...kiss my ass....

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