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May 02, 2006


Jess R

Too cute!!! I love how Miss Elizabeth has that "startled by the paparazzi" look. :)

reluctant housewife


I have a pair of too-large sunglasses I bought in a moment of retail weakness and I call them my Katie Holmes glasses too!


I'm kind of disenchanted with Katie -- er, Kate, right now, so I'm gonna have to liken her shades to those of Jackie O.

She's one stylin' baby.


Heh -- she does remind me of Katie Holmes in those shades.


See, it's all about getting them when they are too young and small to get away....kind of like Tom and Katie...


I laugh at the pictures of Libs in the glasses because she had this look on her face like "Excuuuuuse me, can i HELP you??? Clearly I'm VERY important."


Gotta love babies in sunglasses! Thanks for the linkage, dude.

And nothing says Baby Rockstar more than big shades and a blob of drool. HA!


she is *waaaaay* hotter than Katie Holmes.

and also, Baby Libs probably already has more common sense.


I have to agree with Beth - Libs puts Katie to shame.

And in a few years, better tell Tom to stay away - you know he likes 'em young.

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