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May 15, 2006



Little A heard that vague "some schools are cancelled" on the radio on the way to her dad's this morning. After a LOT of talk, I managed to convince her that hers was not one of them. Then she said, "Maybe tomorrow...there are going to be thunderstorms...we couldn't have school in a thunder storm!"


V- I concur w/ Little A - you can't POSSIBLY be expected to go to school during a thunderstorm!


Kris did get a little concerned when I was YELLING at the TV (in our bedroom, next to a 5 month old's room) DO NOT CUT THAT CORD IZZY WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CUT THAT CORD. I had to get reprimanded by my husband to be quiet or I'd wake the baby.....that's MY job when he has the guys over to play poker, not when izzy is about to lose her patient boyfriend. we're sound proofing the room for tonight's two hour episode. I think kris might have to remind me of the "house rules" for watching TV while a baby is sleeping....


I have to assume that Izzy's character is going bye-bye after this season. There is no coming back from something like that, is there?

And what's wrong with the boyfriend? OK? He said OK? He's going to take that other guy's heart so that Izzy will stop crying?

Izzy and Patrick Dempsey's character both need to find new jobs next season; their characters are by far the worst on the show.


Tim - I thought about that too (Izzy getting 86-ed) and I know it's a big, new thing for top shows "killing off" significant charachters but for some reason I don't *feel* like she's getting the boot. Tho maybe that's b/c I want her to stay. Ellen Pompei did interview that an intern is leaving the program (tho she didn't say leaving the show)...

I see a "temporary insanity" plea and her dealing with no longer being a doc? Unless someone covers for her - which speaking of - Uh hello, GEORGE? Izzy's losing her shit - why aren't you STOPPING HER??


I just see that they've tried to do all kinds of stuff with Izzy and none of it has really clicked.

She has a daughter, she was an underwear model, she has an affair with the other intern, she's dating a patient and he's dying, and now she KILLS HIM (totally beyond the realm of possibility in any real life scenario)...she didn't really pull any of that off very well. How many more story lines can they try before they give her the shoe?


Oh, Tim, Tim, Tim...you're such a man. Reality? realm of possibility? You're new at this, aren't you? In the wacky world of nightime soaps, all these background issues for Izzy are merely seeds, planted. They may be harvested at any time in the future, hopefully when we least expect (or
remember) them. At this point, the writers are also free to employ the "it was only her imagination" scenario, whereby tonights episode would open with Izzy coming to her senses and NOT cutting the tubing. Although that's not likely, since we saw coming attractions to the contrary. While they may indeed get rid of her character, the field is wide open at this point.


I have to keep telling myself that this isn't a soap opera, it's a "drama"....and when I was a kid they were "action figures", not dolls.


OOh - LIKE DALLAS! Yeah, it was all a dream! And Denny(danny?) Lives!! I didn't even think of that! I like that idea MUCH better.

btw, one point I caught elsewhere, it was very calculated when Dr. Chief said not once but twice, that Dr. Preston was the *ONLY* cardio-thorasic surgeon. Hmmmm...

Oh, and one of the writers has 2 sisters who have threatened not to watch the show anymore if he/writers kill off Denny. From his tone, I think he is going to tell his sisters to pound it. this Kills me but at least it's realistic- ya know, since Izzy's just short of PULLED THE PLUG on the poor man.

Speaking of details, if Dr. Preston came in via helicpoter, why was he talking thru the front doors and not landing on the roof as the manner her left. SLOPPY!


Also, I must admit that before they showed all the equipment, I went totally "trashy" and thought Izzy was gonna have sex with him to give him another coronary. It would have made good TV....


Tee, I just choked on my hot tea. yeah, imagine the braggin rights then - "I was so good I gave a guy a heart attack. granted it was a weak heart ...on a donor list, but still..." Do you have IM? pull the laptop into the the room as you're watching - we can "discuss".

Tim, hee - split the difference - "action dolls"?


gee, i guess i should watch this damn show, huh?


Emily's school canceled due to the flooding and the washed out roads...and cause they're pussies. A rain day? I scoff!

I made a very concious choice to Not watch this show when it first came on- Cause I KNEW that it would be like crack..and I just can't get that emotional on a sunday night.


A few thoughts after the grande finale:

1. Two freaking hours? And I counted (yes, I did, because commercials piss me off) 40 minutes worth of commercials.

2. I know it's not reality, but it's not freakin' Gilligan's Island, either. No wonder our generation is so "Eh...whatever" about rules. About regulations. About laws. We see all of these shows where people break the law and still get to look fabulous going to a "faux prom" afterwards. Meh.

3. George's chick has some serious issues, and I'm not really sure she isn't a MAN.

4. George looks like the Cracker Jack kid with that haircust.

5. I like Sandra Oh, but her character irritates me. Plus, she always looks concerned, so it's hard for me to tell when she is...and when she's just the robot.

6. Meredith is wishy-washy and I think she and McDreamy's wife should have a lesbian affair and get a new dog together.

7. I sooo can't wait for next season - anyone know when it starts? ;)


Can't handle. Must wait. Whole summer. For more Grey's.

(sobs uncontrollably)

McD: Meredith?
VetBoy: Meredith?
McD: Meredith?

Now, THAT? That's a cliffhanger.


Uh, like yeah, beth. Jess can loan you S1, and I'm sure S2 will be kicking around soon enough...

Rocky, don't even get me going...and I was IM-ing my aunt the entire eps. I wil probably post my "issues" with the writing/characters later.

Madge, well, I could tell you which way I'm 97% sure it will go...based on what I know about cast contracts of 2006-7 season...

Tim, well, Izzy's dunzo (at least career-wise), see if GA keeps her on...

this is gonna be a long summer. most shows start up again in early October, right?


Izzy deserves what she gets.

Dr. Bailey is one of my favorite characters on TV.


I'm with Tim -- Dr. Bailey and I think Dr. Burke too, are both great characters. I can not stand Meredith though, she is SO crazy and just painful to watch. She doesn't deserve Finn -- he should run far, far away. As for Alex, between saving the baby the other week and holding Izzy... it's just too much to handle already!


Dr. Bailey needs her own show. Followed by Burke. Only charchters w/ a freaking SPINE.

I loved Alex in this ep. part for his sensitivity, part for "Hey, don't look at me, I didn't cut the chord." heh.


This is me crying, not because of Grey's Anatomy, and not because tonight I will be forced to listen to the train wreck that is the final 3 on Idol.

No, this is me crying because I'm not on your blogroll anymore! Will you put me back on it if I promise to watch all the Grey's DVDs this summer?


AH! E, I had NO IDEA. None. I swear. Fu-uuuuuuck.

(but yes, you have to watch Grey's all summer)

how did I miss this?


Everybody keeps talking about how great the show is and how heartbreaking the finale is.

I'm sorry to say, once again that I have yet to watch it. I do plan on renting the season one dvd because honestly Patrick Dempsey is so fine it hurts. It. Hurts.

Your niece is beautiful. Glad she fell asleep in time for you to enjoy the show. Mine will stay up if I let em.


Jen? Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the final episode. But if you're anything like me, the effects wear off within an hour or two. Like crack, which dear Dawn suggested, the show really is. How. Ever. I totally agree with the last few posters? Dr. Bailey is the shit. If they hyper-emotionalize her character, that's when I'll turn it off. The episode where she was giving birth and was all, "Dr. O'Malley? Stop looking at my va-J-J?" That is priceless.

And Dempsey is gorgeous. But they need to build more around his character. Cool twist would be to hook him up with Izzie and have (as I said before) Grey hook up with the wife. Sweeeet. And I'd also kick in a nod to Oh's character to develop kleptomania.

Which is why I don't write for television.


Agreed. The Va-Jay-Jay comment was televised genius.

And Alex DID redeem himself, slightly.

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