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May 09, 2006



Sarah watches 24? That is so awesome. Except, 24 often scares *me*. But I'm a big baby.


she watches "jack bauer" yeah. her dad covers her eyes on anything "scary" tho sarah is quick to point out, "dad, i'm okay, I'm okay- really dad." (this doesn't stop him from covering her eyes).


Libs parents do NOT go to bed naked, in fact sometimes they forget to put on their jammies and go to sleep in their work clothes.....


then how did Libs get here? MAGIC??


way to accessorize.


Oh, good, now I don't feel so bad letting my little one sit in my lap while I watch L&O Criminal Intent and drool over Vincent D'Onofrio. Only requires eye covering at the start and during flash backs.


"oogie" huh? Hmm. might be a good one to use with my girls. Right now we just call it "bottom" (I cannot, cannot do the correct terms.)


One time, I told my Mom that she had to wait in the living room , so I could put the sex swing away in the bedroom.

It was priceless.

And Um, you may want to share that soon, the realization that Mama's panties are on the side of the bed the next morning MAY illicit some uncomforatble questions. Or so I've heard.


I think you may be holding the happiest baby in America.


We don't know HOW libby got here really....we think it could be magic. She just kinda showed up! And anytime Libby's Aunties hold her she does turn into the happiest baby ever...


Ha! "Oogie." That's the best word I've heard for it yet.

Which leads me to suggest A Taste Of Honey's "Boogie Oogie Oogie" for your next dance-off.


The Oogie should sound like "oo-gee". I think her mom has referred to it as her "oochie-coochie" and this is Sarah's adaptation of the word.


Adorable pic, luv. You're niece is cute, too...



Look at that cutie! Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous. You too!


Come ON, ladies, say it with me: Va-GIIIII-Na. Chris once told me he put Aquaphor on a rash on Kaitlyn's lips, so I say "oh, are they chapped?" and he says "No, (pointing down) her LIPS". GAH!

Also, I would like to nibble Libs' cheeks a little. You both look so cute!


You are fantastically funny.

Okay I have three kids and my sister-in-law watched my oldest once. Conversation to ensue:

Daughter: What's that? (pointing to my 7 month old nephews pee-pee)

SIL: Uhhh... That's a penis.

D: Ohhh yes. Boys have penis's, girls have vaginas.

SIL: Yep.

D: But his looks weird. My dad's penis is bigger.

SIL: Okay time to go play now.

Pretty much word for word. When you have kids you have no secrets and your right, no privacy.

My daughter was 4 at the time and my husband to this day hopes that her brain has thrown that particular memory out. Needless to say, He's a never-nude.

Jess R

Oogie. Love it! LOL ... Also, could Libs be any more adorable? It looks like she's trying to wolf whistle. :)


Viernda - you're married to Tobias Fuke?

btw, your celeb blog will be addicting for me,


Parents naked can be a scarring event. Some things are best left unimagined.


"jack bauer", eh? obviously, Sarah has wonderful taste in men...:)

and Libs is getting so big!! wow!

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