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May 29, 2006



What gorgeous pictures. As always I love your camera and photography skills. And I think those sunglasses are cute on you!

Hope everything's OK your way. You know how to find me if need be, girl.


Well, Shit. I could have joined you for a damn drink. Seriously. I'm like 40 minutes away girl.

And I hear you have acute angina...


You look waaaay too happy to be Katie Holmes! Cute glasses too. That second photo took my breath away-Maine is gorgeous!

Gummy Lobsters-HA!


Nice photos as always Jen. Jon and I went to Kennebunkport two weekends ago, during the monsoon, our photos are all pretty much grey and more grey.


Oh, btw? The glasses I got Satuday? Broke while in the headband position Monday. The frame by the nose on one of the lens piece just snapped and the lens fell on teh ground. piece of shit.


Lovery, dear!

And gummy lobsters!!!! YES!


Love the pictures! You have to share where you stayed! I love places like that!


At a mere 20 minutes away. I could have been stalking you for real.

You really need to start posting your itineraries ahead of time.


Boo. Used a period instead of comma. Boo poor punctuation. Boo.


Madge, the thought had occurred to me, too (and then I cuold show off my new Madge Approved Pedicure). Damnit. The only snag was we were really off the cuff as far as where we were gonna land, as it was decided in the car. I plan on doing it again - as we found a great place for the the $ and location so next time I'll give the heads up.


Oh, Halloweenlover, it was "The Beach House" on (duh) Beach Road. Beautiful. If I hadn't half assed this entry, I would have referenced the decent (free) b-fast and compliementary port and brandy AND board games (wheretofor I kicked mike's butt at Scrabble)


Jen, you are KILLING me. We're moving to New Hampshire in a few years and I cannot wait. Thanks for the gorgeous New England pics.


If we could see behind those sunglasses, would you have the Katie Holmes "Get Me Out Of This Nightmare" look in your eyes?

(Your trip looks amazing. I'm waaaay jealous.)

Jess R

Oh my god that looks like a lovely destination. I wanna go to New England!!!


Those pictures are amazing. Especially the one of the flowers!


At those times of "deadness inside", I like to view the surrounding nature with the "eye of children". The amazing things all around us, always helps me to come back into participation.

Wishing you well,


Bitsy Boooo

katie holmes is the devil ! Cant you see it? The horns are sprouting...

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