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May 20, 2006



God, maybe I should go in and get this tooth that's been throbbing for like, six months checked out then, eh?

And I'm not a phone person either. I rarely answer it and it drives Dave crazy.


When I was watchin GA season 1 on DVD, I regularly cried my eyes out. What made this uncomfortable was the fact that I was running on the treadmill at the time. So I would be crying and wheezing at the same. J thought I was having a heart attack one time. I almost was. Stupid manipulatively emotional show. I CAN'T QUIT YOU!


A very informative,yet wildly entertaining list! You must tell me the story about the car being impounded tomorrow...YIKES! We have 2 more things in common. I too always confuse affect and effect. I also make up words to songs. Sadly, I'm not always aware of this till my offsprings gently remind me. As in the time I was enjoyin me a little Cher, minding my own business, singing along "If I could read your mii-ind" and one of them screams in the distance FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WOMAN!, it's "if I could turn back time"! (I'm old. I gave them the best years of my life)

reluctant housewife

Sunday is my "beauty night" too!

You might just be my favorite internet stranger.

(I swear I'm not a stalker. Saturday is my "drunk night.")


LOL at Reluctant Housewife's comment!

I have the same mental block about affect and effect. And there's certain words I don't think I'll ever learn to spell, like hors d'oevres. (Actually, that may be right, but I'm too lazy to look it up.)

With you on the thong thing. I have several and I do try them occasionally, but I've never gotten beyond that wedgie feeling that some people swear you'll get used to.


I DO love your made up words to popular songs!

Exhibit A: Holy Moly!


P.S.-- Wait. They towed away your car with your boss's child inside?

You have to tell that story!


Okay, I'm DYING to hear about getting your car impounded with your boss' kid inside. I demand an entire post dedicated to this incident.


Ha! Good answers. I'd like to hear a popular song with your made-up words. Get to the Odeo-ing!


whats the deal with all of our tooth issues???

I had a root canal on one of my front teeth. (toofs?) As a result it is slightly darker than the rest. Crest Whitestrips work AWESOME...except for that tooth...good times.

mom issues too eh? even better times.

i have the same reading problem as well. i can't ever finish shyte.


Of COURSE, people love your made up lyrics. Well, I would anyway.


stella - I have the same darker tooth (actually - there's 2). Mine are a result of eitehr braces beign tighten too quickly or getting smakced in the face with a basketball (while wearing said braces) - killed the nerve. Never needed a root canal tho. and same experience w/ Crest White Strips.

SPM * Co. - yeah, I'd totally forgotten about the story of boss' kid and my car being taken away. I'll post that story. It's quite a gem.


The confused word thing: I do it a ton. Finding humor in a situation has gotten me in trouble a few times. Can't wait to hear that story about the car...


by the way. i TOTALLY stole your 'heavens to betsy'.

did ya like that?


I always cry during Grey's Anatomy, too, but it's usually because no one will let me have Patrick Dempsey despite my repeated polite requests. Sigh....


Great meme...

I guess I figured out why I like your blog so much. It's equal parts humor and honesty. :0)

Me and you would get along just great. We can both interrupt each other and dance during commerical breaks.


I actually laughed out-loud when I read about the car being taken w/ your boss' kid inside. You MUST tell that story!


I also miss vacations that last an entire summer. My stepsister, who is 12, sent me a postcard last month that said that she was on her spring break in Vermont and that she hopes I had a nice spring break too. I had to laugh and felt bad breaking the news to her that once you get to by my age, there are no more spring breaks or summer vacations.

Oh - and effected and affected get me every time!


I'm surprised by the comment about your mom, because I would have assumed that as close as you are to your sisters that you were also very close to your mom!

Ditto on the grey's anatomy thing. What masks do you do? I want some info!

Thanks for the note on my blog! Don't be crazy, though, I felt like an ass because I wanted to tell you and couldn't. We'll have to do lunch now that I'm out of the closet.


okay, I WOULD post a new entry, but my credit card # w/ an expired date needed updating and the closed me for a whole day as punishment even tho I gave them the updated info at 8 a.m.!!


Um, where are you? I command you to post again. And yes, I am bossing you. Again.

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