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May 04, 2006



you crack me up. i have nothing to offer this post. you are a piece. just a piece.


Oohh. This is just what I needed. That guy is entranced by you.

I think I would win if you and I had a dance off. Just because I'm bigger. I can create more of a spectacle.


Jess, not to get bogged down in technicals, but when I say "go big" that is dance lingo for pulling out all the stops. not being tall.

you'll also kindly note that on the greatest show on earth, Dancing w/ the Stars, the 5'6' cutie Drew Lachey beat out the leggy and very talented 6' Stacey Keibler.

Not to suggest you don't don't have talent, you do. I have documentation of your A-game all over my Flickr pages. But my point is, it would be anyone's game. And with a few dance offs under my belt now, I'd offer Advantage: me.

reluctant housewife

I'm confused? I thought you said skilled dancers have to point?

Thank you for providing me with my new motto: Aim Low.

And I shall rule the dancefloor.


Well, as the white member of a black family, all I can say is "honey, you don't know shame". Shame is having all family members cock looks at you - cause , Damn, you're white. But you think you have enough soul to spin this shit.

And you can add this to your AIM LOW motto. "If I believe it Hard enough, it can be true" - which Is how I dated only black men from Junior year of college on.


P.s - I still feel that you bringth the funk.


The expressions on your face in these pictures are priceless. OMG. Can't - stop - laughing.


I would have paid good money to have witnessed this. Next time you're in NYC, let's team up and have a Partner Dance-Off against some unsuspecting fools.

Are all the Boston boys as cute as the ones in those photos? If so - I am in the wrong damn city!

AND - tell me you're shivering in anticipation for So You Think You Can Dance!


Whoa, girl - is that the Robot you're doin in that last picture there?

You bad, mama.


You go with your bad self.

Printing now.


I have no idea what that last move is. I guess I'm "breakin it down" with my "freestyle" portion on the routine.

Melissa- I would say the guys in Boston are pretty decent lookin, yeah. tho if you note, There a dude with about 5 inches of boxers shorts showing b/c his jeans are pushed down. NOT hot. And as my sister pointed out, he's kind of the "Where's Waldo" of this photo set.

I am pumped for that show, yes indeed.


All the men in Boston wear baseball hats on a night out. Plus, they're all 23.


You'd have me beat in a dance off, what with my advanced age and bad knee, but I'd totally kick your butt in a waterfight.


I don't think you and I should ever attempt a Dance Off in the same bar. If I know myself, and at this advanced age, I think I do, I know that I'm a tad competitive when it comes to the Art of Drunken Performance.

I once nearly punched a girl for horning in on my rendition of The Go-Gos "Vacation" at a lesbian karaoke night. So, you know, keep your distance.



F-word (as my son says for swear words) That was funny. That and the link to the other post.

I peed my pants. Beautiful!


Seriously. I peed my f-wording pants. I'll send you the dry cleaning bill.


I have only one move: the booty shake. But it is powerful.

My booty shake will crush you.


This story just gets better and better. I bet there's even more you could tell us about this night. I swear the first thing I'm doing once I lose 40 pounds is going to the nearest club and AIMING LOW. With my husband's permission, of course.



You can challenge me -- as I demonstrated at Jess' bachelorette - dancin' just ain't my strong suit.

But drinkin'? Oh baby. I got skillz.

Jess R

I bow before your mad dance skillz. Poindexter looks enthralled, too!

PS: love the purple jacket.


totally love the fact that you win a "dance off" in a preppy purple blazer....uh message to britney, you don't have to go all trashy to win these things....


my dance partner said I was dressed like a "librarian". WTF?


OMG. If it were an AEROBIC dance off, you wouldn't even have a CHANCE against me, woman!

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