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May 16, 2006



That ROCKS! Grammy material, fer sure.

But now I'm so gonna be singing that addictive melody all night. Thanks.

p.s. -- I loved your little postlude there.


You're trying to ruin my wardrobe? What in HELL did I ever do to YOU? That's another peed outfit you get to pay drycleaning for. I believe it was the very final "moly" that did it to my bladder.

On a more *serious* note...good lord are you watching the Idol? Taylor can do no wrong, Smelliot's overbite seems to have shrunk, and Kat's boobs are properly spaced. Should prove to be a very interesting tonight...

Grey's Anatomy HUH? Whaaa?

reluctant housewife

My God!

You even did it with the Miami accent and EVERYTHING!

If you ever want to release a spanish CD I may be able to pull some reaaaaaally thin strings over at Sony Discos.

Holy-oly-ole, Holy Moly!


yeah, you people are in for a world of hurt because making that hit single was way too easy.

Rocky, yeah, GA..."quit looking at my Va-J-J!" is in serious contention for this site's new tagline. My aunt and I were IMing and I quoted that to her.
Fucking brilliant.

My aunt's gripe was with the sex scene and that in all these shows, the woman's knickers come right off w/o having to deal with pantyhose (I hate that word, but nylons could be construed as thigh highs). Like you never, EVER see the awkward act of having to take off pantyhose...EVERYBODY's wearing thigh highs I guess.

My bone to pick (there were a few) was that when Denny finanlly died, that all the interns were all "Izzy, you gotta get up NOW, they gotta do ...stuff". Now I dont know, but I'm thinking if someone just died, the loved ones get some time with the deceased. I mean, not to be ...whatever, but the rush would be??? Like FUCK OFF INTERNS. Let her grieve a little.

Christina was getting on my nerves...what the fuck was her problem.

Oh, AND when they were all being called on the carpet by the chief as to who cut the cord? Uh, deflect much people? And Mer? This is when you decide play the "you had an affair with my mom" card? Yeahhhh, that was SO fly in real life.


It's like a call to prayer, at the Church of Margaritas.


Sounds like something...I think...I've heard before...

Oh yeah. It's Bomboleo by the Gipsy Kings. Although I'm sure they'd have no problem changing the words to shill Chili's new Holy Molé Chicken.

You can go ahead and quit your job now.


I refuse to listen to this. Because I can imagine it so clearly, and it frightens me.

How do you do this recording thing?


Madge - thank you b/c I modelled it after a song I'd just heard and I even tried to look it up to explain it back in February. it was killing me.

Jess- I'm gonna HELP a person who refuses to listen to "Holy Moly"? Scared or not, if you prick my finger, do I not bleed?


OMG. I just fell in love with you all. over. again.

Fucking awesome.

Er...you didn't mention my name to anyone you met down there did you? Cuz you know, I know a lot of people there and...anyway, I was just wondering.



yeah. all I got is...wow.

Liberal Banana

Nice, Jen. NICE. That is totally the sort of thing I would make up, too. Props to you for posting it on your site. I need to figure out how to do this stuff. (Then we're all in trouble.)

I'm going to have that stuck in my head for hours.


Fawk. I can't hear it. I'll have to wait until Dave comes home, because I'm computertarded.


Now if I remember correctly this little creation was born out of guilt.

There was a certain trip and subsequent return to Sephora. In actuality I think that was the first time I had ever seen buyers remorse in person.


Sweet lil' ditty. The talking at the end puts me in mind of the filler my kids always used at the end of their reports that had to be a certain length. "I hope you enjoyed reading my report on colonial Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States of America."


Nice. Your voice sounds just like I thought it would, even when you sing.

You inspired me, and my son and I recorded a song we made up too! Come over and check it out.

P.S. "Quit Looking At My Va-J-J" is the best.tagline.EVER.


Except then I accidentally deleted it and I don't feel like doing the whole thing all over again, so we'll save that for another time, mmkay?


Holy Shit-moly. That rocked.

And I also got a middle eastern call to prayer vibe there. We'll slap you in a birka and send you to Iraq. You will bring peace and booze to that troubled land.


Balls of steel to sing to the world. Congrats!!

Sounds like an oldies song Wooly Bully or something like that.


FYI, I sang Holy Moly on my drive to work today. For you.


That was fucking great. Holy Moly indeed.


That is BEYOND funny and sounds like a song I would sing after to many drinks.

I'm just glad you weren't signing in topless running down the streets. Although....


Holy Moly. You signed yet?


MamaT- I'm shopping it, looking for representation. It's only a matter of time. In the interim, I lip sync this before I go to work.




My gawd - first the dance off, now this.

Are YOU the next American Idol?

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