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June 06, 2006



OMG...I laughed 'til I cried the first time I saw this 6 years ago...and am crying all over again. Classic, Jen, classic.


Dang....that is one hot letter. My nipables are just atingling.


meh, nipables. I was on the phone with a client when I read it and started laughing. I had to cover it up with a caugh. saahhh-weeet.


Am delurking. And coughing, loudly, so that my coworkers don't ask what I'm laughing about...



Obviously she's not bright, but to leave this on your desk is simply asking for derision.

All I want to know is whose nipables she had to twiddle to actually GET a job.


I think this is my former Engrish teacher.

lol ;)


Who is her love? Is that it? It seems like there should be more. She stopped in mid-thought. Maybe she got too hot to finish the letter?

By the way, I think "stump" could have a double meaning - the crossroads she is at in her life & the stump that she's longing for in this letter?

I wonder where she is now? Too many unanswered questions!

P.S. There is a picture of my nipable on Stella's blog now.

reluctant housewife

aaaagh! My eyes! My eyes!


I'm laughing so hard the screen is blurred. Excuse me if there are any blatant typos in this comment. I need a tissue.


Man, this takes me back--been a while since I've been kissed allover my boby, softly or otherwise.


This is the funniest sh!t ever. I laughed so hard I wet myself. What in the hell? Did she drop out of school in the 2nd grade? My daughter who is 6 can spell better than the girl that wrote it.

Oh and I'm feeling sorry for those twin girls now.

You are NOT an asshole, you are possible the coolest person ever. I am so glad you managed to hang on to the letter this long. You rock.

I'm going to go read this to my husband and make him kiss my boby and maybe my nibaples.


obligatory de-lurk post, and an apropos "The Office" clip. (it's nbc.com, so really, work safe.)



I love your introduction:
"something, but you just couldn't quite put your finger on it?" And the topic- "Erotica!"

Sounded to me like the discussion within the letter became an excellent transition from the preface.

You such are good writter, why not can I be that way? This is why I attempt a visit per day.



everyone deserves to have their "sexual needs afilled."

What is killing me about this(well, one of the things) is that I couldn't find a job in 2000 for like, three months. And this girl was gainfully employed? The hell?

"Nipables" is so, so, so awesome.


Poetry, really. And I am now replacing the word "nipple/s" with Nipable/s in my vocabulary. It is so brilliant I can't even stand to use/look at the old word.

I am really curious as to where this woman is in her life...she's 29 now. God, for her children's sake I hope she went back to grammar school and got her 5th grade diploma.

Jess- get a job? how did she fill out a job application? Travelers aint exactly the Gas-n-Sip, if you know what I mean? it's no great shock she got canned but still.


Good Gravy. No matter what, you have to admire her willingness to put it all out there, badly spelled and puncuated though it may be.

And now, I must go poke out my mind's eye with a stick so that I can erase the images thrust into my brain. Oh, God, I said 'thrust'. Ack.


I am not sure what the potential lover would have ascertained from this missive. Can you imagine another "normal, literate" man being handed said opus? I would have had to call her over and ask for a translation.

And Terrances is totally currising me twonite. Softly. All over.

Buy a rabbit, sister.


DAMN! Jess is right - I couldn't find a freakin' job during 2000 either, damned tech stock crash. Now I'm pissed. Makes me want to smack that bitch right in the nipables and ply her boby three times sideways. DANG! You KNOW she's probably the CEO of a company somewhere now. It's the fates.

Jess R

I feel like I've come to a real stump in my life lately, too.

This was priceless. Laughed so hard I cried. Say, you could send it to Found magazine to share the love! :)


I keep coming back here and rereading the letter and the comments, because I JUST CAN'T QUIT YOU, NIPABLES!

Seriously, I'm going to print this out.


so. very. wrong.

this reminds me of a note i got from my boyfriend (not for long) in the 8th grade. the kicker in that note? he referred to a fight with his mom as "War War 3". I couldn't figure out what the hell that was until I realized that he thought when people were saying "World War" (both 1 and 2), they were actually saying "War War".


wow. i think i need my boby to be currised to get over that one.


She must be dating the guy I dated who used to spell else: "elts". His parents always told him to sound it out. And he did.


"lik the stuck weth [sic, sic and sic]"

I think this is referring to "licking and sucking", either referencing the "nipable" or "boby". I don't think I want to know what "weth" is.

Coming to you from Stella's Finding Zen (www.zenproof.com). You are a fricken riot. I shall return!


I started laughing at your #1 "what have we learned here", busted out again at the comments by V. and Becki, but when I got to Virenda's last sentence it was all over for me. I think you SHOULD send it to "Found". It must be shared with the WHOLE WORLD.


I say the guy never made it past the word 'stump,' thought she was talking about a -ahem- part of his anatomy and dumped her.

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