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June 25, 2006



I was kind of wishing I'd read that you found Bitch in the store. I was all ready to hear about how you hurt her...feelings.

Dude, the clothes? THAT SUCKS! I hope you get them back...


OH MY GOD that pisses me off. I get Brain Delay, too, and then feel restless for several hours while I replay the offending scenario in my head, this time with a perfect comeback and the offender's demise (death by runaway steamroller, etc.). DAMN I cannot BELIEVE she was such a fucking bitch. I wanna hunt her down with you...after you get your clothes back. Sending you all my luck for THAT!


yep, truly one of those moments I wished I could fart on command.

Liberal Banana

Oh my GOD, that so freakin' sucks. I hope you find the bag!! And I can NOT believe that woman barged in on you AND didn't say she was sorry. WOW. Just...WOW.


Normally I do not have Brain delay, however in Your position, with the exposed girls and all, I fear that I too would have frozen.

But Yeah. I'm all about the extra emabarassment factor. I think thrusting the door open and shoving the tat-tas in her face would have been priceless.

I will offer a prayer to someone, but my prayer luck ain't so good right now....


Once, my friend, Kathy was watching her brother-in-law's beloved, spoiled rotten dog. Just before he was due back, the dog got loose and ran into a dreadful rainstorm. Kathy immediately relied on the old standard prayer to St. Anthony we were raised on, and no sooner had she said it than the dog appeared at the back door. She was sooo relieved. As she repeated the story to me, she said in all innocence, "I mean I don't go to church or anything, so that was really nice of him!"...so we'll be sure to put in a good word to Tony.
Hey, love the glamour shot! Makes this look so professional.


I totally get brain delay all the time. It sucks bigtime, because then I'm totally obsessed with what I SHOULD have said.

I take it you didn't find the clothes? Damn, that's the worst.


Wow. That sucks.

Have you been following the Stolen Sidekick story? I bet that dude could help you locate your stuff.


However, dude had some assistance via T-Mobile. Too bad your jeans can't telepathically send us images of the person(s) who has them.

I'm gonna tap into my ESPN and try to get a name and email addy for you. I'll keep you posted.

Or I could help you hunt down the bitch wearing your stuff. Stake out!

...too funny. you just left me a comment on my blog...


I remain unsure about the board skirt. You can certainly pull it off. Me? Not so much.

I would cry if I left my new clothes in a cab. Big messy sobbing.


I think we've all learned a lesson here: Do not mix shopping and drinking.

Friends don't let friends shop and drink.

Also, only use dressing rooms with locks on them.

I hope you get your stuff back!


That sucks.

I would have paid $ to see you half dressed in the gap bitch slapping that rude woman.

Good luck with the L&F.


I WANT TO SMACK THAT BITCH! OMG! I'm like you and when people surprise me I have brain delay and then I get angry at myself for the next week about why I didn't say this or say that.

As for the clothes. I'd freak. That sucks and I really, really, REALLY hope it works out for you.

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