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June 28, 2006



...still trying to decipher which is worse - gasoline on a wound, salt on a wound, or a conversation more complicated than those I have with my HUSBAND lately, that took place between you and...yourself.



Hill, that was b/n me and Mike("M")...I'm not THAT strange.


LOL. I thought the same as Hill the first read through.. hehe.

I am going to try your saying at the first opportunity and see what kinda response I get.

Perhaps you should add it to Wikipedia - for extra staying power.


I tried so very hard to pay attention to this post, but you'll excuse me if I'm not just a little bit distracted wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GAP CLOTHES. I mean, really...you shouldn't post something like that without resolution. Did you find them? Did you not? Have you resigned yourself? I've been pacing my OWN HOME looking for the phantom bag...

Not to pour gasoline on the wound or anything.


That whole process just sounds f-in painful.

And hey, maybe instead of salt you meant baking soda? I think that puts out grease fires. maybe if it was a greasy wound?


There is a reason I heart you and this is IT. I argue with my husband like that.


Nothing worse than beating your head against a dead horse...

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