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July 14, 2006



No kid stories.. but lots of dog stories...

Once came home to an entire case of 24 double rolls of toilet paper shredded and spread through the ENTIRE house. Damn dog even managed to wedge it down the sofa.

It's been a LONG time and I can still find bits of toilet paper in the sofa.

Oh and.. toilet paper also acts as a laxative for dogs.. thank god I made it home in time to catch that!


That pearly green Joy diswashing detergent was my siren song....

Emily has actually been fairly good. Some writing on walls but nothing major.

I expect her to be a grafitti artist.

Liberal Banana

Um, I used to eat butter...does that count?

That picture is unbelievable! Those poor parents. I am so glad they found the humor in it!


My Jojo hasn't smeared anything with his hands, but he will kick his feet into an opened poopy diaper and then kick it everywhere.

My brother and I, when we were in the care of my dad, decided to color each other from head to toe with colored chalk. My dad didn't notice until my mom brought us upstairs from the basement and parked us in front of the Tigers' game he had been watching...until he got the Carol Smackdown.


I guess poo smearers are the worst. That is a smell that just cannot be scrubbed out! I won't name names, but I was in the hospital, having Daniel (you do the math), when I left my other child in the care of my sisters. Suffice it to say nothing prepares you for the sight/smell that awaits you when you go to get said "poo painter" up from his nap. After that enormous cleanup, my mother returned home, my sisters RAN out of the house, slammed the door and shouted that they would NEVER return till Teri picked up her child! Neither sister is married or has children, to this day...


I got that picture in an email last week, along with another one of a beautiful curly-haired blonde boy who had stuck pantyliners all over himself...even on his little bits. It was hysterical.

I really want to see that picture of your sister and your cousin.

Thankfully, I've yet to have an incident like these, but I'm sure it's around the corner -- Oliver is just the kind of kid who would pull shit like this. I did find Julia once covered in powdered creamer...she was sitting on the floor, eating it with a spoon.


I drew on the walls. Amateur, obviously.

Not to add to your bad mood, but I have your cell phone charger. Will ransom it for a glimpse of that picture.


My kids never did anything like that. In fact, they were perfect and continue to be perfect to this day.

They never made messes or talked back or made me want to sell them to the gypsies.

Ah, Denial, it's a great state!

(Hope things get better for you very soon!)


Black permanent marker. I wont go into the story but it was awful and I yelled. A lot.


Virenda beat me to it! Ryan used a black Sharpie to decorate my new light oak vanity table, a new light wood bookshelf, and the white trim around all of our doorways. We had to repaint, but the bookshelf is still decorated.


We've been lucky (knock on wood.) Damage has been contained to crayon on the wall in the living room. No excrement smearing or any permanent coloring on furniture.

Let me knock on that wood again.

Sorry you're having a rough week. You know where to find me if there's anything you need.


My brother (age 4 at the time) used to love to play in the mud. So much so, that on the weekends (while Mommy was being an Avon Lady & Daddy had kid-duty), we used to fill this corner of the yard with muddy and let the hose keep it gushy. We'd cover ourselves (I was 10) in mud and chase each other around the yard like monsters.

All was well until Mom bought her brand spankin new car- the first one of her life- A Chevy Celebrity 4 door deluxe...oohhh aaahhh

...In Sparkling White.

Until lil bro painted it with mud hours before they were going to show it off to all the relatives.

Hee Hee. Lovely doo doo brown clumpy new car.

the memories---they make me so proud!


this makes feel so much better after my four year old son scribbled a tiny bit with biro on my cream leather sofa, it wont come off but its no where near as bad as the photo!


THAT will make me laugh any PMS day of the week....Very funny. So glad they're not yours.

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