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July 24, 2006


Liberal Banana

That was great! Dude, someone spent a looong time putting that drawing together in Paint. GEEZUS.

Sign me up for 5 questions! Not that anyone should give a crap what I have to say but I loves me some questions!!! It's like a test that I know I can pass! Bring it on!


nancy does got the mad skilz.
Okay, LB, I will send you some.


Thanks for the lovely writeup and the interview, my friend. I look forward to featuring yours.

LB, the Paint addiction, it is a sickness.


Hey! Hey! I'll trade ya! Interview for interview! It'll be like we actually followed through on that interview-trading idea you had what, eight months ago?

Also: Hi!


You are going to have a kickass time. Next year I will get my crap together in time to come.

Bring me back something!!


I don't linger in the shower either. It's such a hassle sometimes, getting wet and sudsing up. *sigh*

Mike Graham

Jen, you didnt say its a Her thing, so sign me up, also i think you should interview scooter ;)


Roo and Mike, yours are forthcoming....

Vicky (Desperate to be a Housewife)

LOVE that picture of her cubicle. I'm sitting in mine right now and pretty much feeling the same way about as she does (hate).

I am so going to Blogher next year. The Blogher posts all over the blogosphere are making me green with envy!


WOW. That was a whole lot of spam.

Nancy: if you're not crazy about the VS Signature cotton logo panties, try the VS Pink cotton bikinis. They are the same-ish fit without the heinous logo.

(Can you tell I work for the home office???)

I'm down for the 5 Qs.


Me, too. Put my name in the hat for 5 questions.


I'm so happy to have met you. And I'm sorry I didn't go through with the dance off. I'm all sad about it now, but I AM OLD AND HAD CRAMPS.

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