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August 10, 2006



If you tell me how 5 Questions works, exactly, I'll do it. Because I'm easy to please like that.

And YOU, you heartbreaker you. Poor MG.


5 questions is a brilliant idea.

This is my first time here, but i'll be back!


Mike, I'd love to know if any champagne glasses were harmed during the taking of that first photo.

Jen, your hair is way hot in that 2nd picture.


Love the "meet your guardian angel" concept! It would surely give us a more positive spin on just how many times out bacon has been saved as well as provide a recap on the more exciting times in our lives. Great answer.


Oooo...I'll do five questions. I loved when Craiggers did them on the OG Daily Show...then he would dance, and we know how I am a sucka for the dance.

And your hair looks nice as reddish....

P.S. Do you only date Mikes?


Dude, I want to hear more about blogher - like, seriously, what was your impression? I'm curious.

Also...love the 5 questions thing. It's a keeper. And you look lovely as Raggedy Jenny. If I ever get brave enough to publish my private blog (as in, when I'm convinced that the contents won't put me in jail or incite countless visits from social workers) I might be up for a game of 5 Questions.


Mike, does that shock treatment hurt as bad as it used to?


You're a wise man, Mike. Those asymmetric shoulder strap shirts drive me crazy too.


Mike - many a truth was divulged here. Thanks.

Diggin the 5 questions, J! (It seemed like more...)

Jess R

Love this concept! And I spent far too much time puzzling over that first picture...

Liberal Banana

Yes, the 5 Questions IS a great idea. It's fun to read people's answers even when you don't know them...

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