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August 01, 2006


Fraulein N

I want in!

Liberal Banana

Thanks for sharing my idiocy with the rest of the internet, Jen! I owe ya, sista!


Very nice interview, I love the questions...Great blog all around. Love the title. I too am a "So you think you can dance" fanatic. As a former dance teacher...I wish I was 21 again with this show.


I love the Banana. She's gonna dump her current boyfriend and marry me. But there is the whole "not wanting to move to Alabama" thing... and the whole "your 18 years older than me " thing... and the whole "who the hell are you?" thing. But other than that we're practically soulmates.

Love your blog... I'll be back.

Old Lush--stayathomemotherdom

Ha! Spice Girls..I have Wannabe on my Ipod, and I kind of cover it up with my hand at the gym because I don't want anyone to think I would actually like them!


I'm sorry I didn't get to witness any dance offs last weekend, but Liberal Banana sounds cool I'm also a fan of The Sweetest Thing..."high five on the clean punani"

And thank you so much for the surprise bonus song on the end of my mix CD. Now I can add that to my list of shame along with Air Supply and Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.


You are cool, LB.

Jen has such a lovely way of asking questions that humiliate to the core, doesn't she? (Next time I need more gentle embarrassment, I am definitely calling Jen.) She's also good at helping us beauty-challenged individuals get our act together before a night of drinking.


Absolutely! I'd love to participate.


I love love love So You Think You Can Dance but it's on at the same time as America's Got Talent so I am often conflicted. :)


I think we all like to pretend that we don't like nsync or Spice Girls, but we all sing along whenever they come on the radio. I know I do!!

Love the Q&A!

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