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August 01, 2006



So glad you got to meet Tammie. I roomed with her in Savannah at a B-List get-together. She's simply the best. And Dawn? I've only communicated with her through e-mail and blogs, but she makes me laugh until my face hurts.


I'm really sad that we didn't get to do the worm, nor did we take pictures. I blame that on you because it's obviously your fault that I NOT ONCE took my camera out of my hotel room.

Did your room suck too?

I hope to go to BlogHer 07 and not feel like such a loser. :0) Maybe then we can you know get drunk and HANG OUT?!

Liberal Banana

Cute outfit, as always... :)

Amy (not tall)

Excuses, excuses! Maybe you forgot to eat because you were still full from all the late night pizza this weekend? Hmmm?

Awesome to meet you this weekend, Jen!


Your hair looks good.


Welcome Home! We missed you. You pics are fab. Wish I was able to go. Nexy year I am there!


Did I take this photo? It looks familiar...I forgot about Tall Amy! Wasn't she sweet?

I am SO GLAD we met. I wish we'd had more time to just hang out. Next year I can stay longer since I'll be driving there.


you all look so cute.

glad you guys had a good time!!!


Jess and I are on the same page because I kept thinking, DAMN, Jen's hair looks fabulous!

So jealous! Everyone is so cute and fun!


Awesome shiny pictures and I kept meaning to ask you, did you actually make it to any of the seminars ;o)


Holy crap! I thought I commented on this one already...

I miss everyone.


Holy shit - This IS a good photo of us. I know we saw it on your camera, but Damn. We all look hot. And liquored up.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Wasn't everyone liquored up?


Did I take this picture?


some dude saw me taking the pic and said to me, "get in there, I'll take it."


Ack! So bizarre to keep wandering across photos of my Amy (the short one) - my old college roomie and the reason I started blogging in the first place! I heard from a lot of different sources that you were quite the life of the party at Blogher - hate that I missed it all. I'm going to try to go next year.


You may have me confused with Jennster or somebody? I may have been sarcastic belle of the ball or something like that, at best.

Also, your pal Amy is the shit, I can see why you jelus.


Jen, you look so glam and California-Girl-ish here. I'm so jealous I wasn't there. Now, cough up the drunk nekkid pictures or else.


Yeah, Marsh',

don't hurt yourself CLICKING ON THE SET or anything.


Also, tammie had this gem:

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