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August 22, 2006



Hi Aunt Jen,
It's me, your long lost niece, HollowSquirrel. I'm coming for a visit next weekend. You're my favorite aunt, and I would never make fun of your hair. I like to get my nails done, too. And my toes. Sign us up! Yay!


I bet the "duh" NFL commentator was Tony Kornheiser. He's a dumbass.

And I must beg to differ with you, because I'd rank "seeing the Boston Globe on my doorstep" as the highlight of my life. Much better than either my wedding day or the birth of either daughter. It's black and white and read all over.

I can see why Sarah would be confused about the nail salon. Look at all those bottles about!


Did your neice also ask where the strip club and the casino were? She is wise beyond her years for it is always good to know where one can get a 40 of Old English.


I think the Boston Globe advertiser has perhaps been watching too much Mr. Rogers. "and it's the best! feeling! just to know you're alive, and . . ."
I think I saw that old man robbing a liquor store the other day. BUt I was totally not there with my 3 year old.


I asked your niece about the liquor store comments and she was all "like, yeah, what about it?". I pressed further and asked what do you buy at the liquor store to which she replied "well, food, silly! and big kid things like toys and they have beds there and cribs for babies. Do you know they have tigers there? they DON"T have elephants, but they do have lions". With that I rest my case that we are not the alcoholics. She continues tp sing a version of the "aunt Jennie" song and hasn't been the same since. All she wants to do is EAT!!! We are working on food choices this week. Wish us luck. k

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