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August 18, 2006



Dude that prom dress is so kick ass. You were ahead of your time. Sadly, I can still fit in to mine, but alas it was fuschia tulle with a huge bow so it can not be worn.

PS Sweeeeeet sweater vest


My prom dress looked like your black one---but it was fushia. Weird choice for me, I think.

Also, I went to see U2 at Foxboro during that tour. It was the summer before I went to college. And we probably went to the same one, because I went to two out of the three shows.

This was really fun and I'm tempted to copy you and do something similiar.


This was great. Now I'm gonna hafta (one day) get all my pictures together and do this myself. It's quite interesting to look back at all the crazyness that is teenage years...Your hairdo's look a lot like mine did. And my 8th grade gradualtion dress looked exactly like your 8th grade semi-formal dress. I bet we'd have been friends then. I would have been your girl posse...I had non either...


The hairbow scared the crap out of me on teh 8th grade semi-formal pic. I had one too.. it was all the rage.

I hoped you smacked the bride for picking out those teal/lacy bridemaid dresses. My god, there is enough fabric to cover a football field.

I bought (ok Mom bought) a white Club Monaco sweatshirt because my crush wore one. I wore it until it turned all ratty and grey, then Mom threw it out. I never forgave her.. I'm sure that's why we didn't get married, have babies and live happily ever after, the end.


Ah memories of the Prom come flooding back. My Senior Prom date was an ex-girlfriend who broke up with me a month earlier. She came back from her Frosh year of college with a cigarette burn to the face and explicit directions from her "new" boyfriend of 5 months she couldn't sleep with me...or touch me in any familar way. Want it worse? Blue Tux.


Ooh, let's see, where to start?

"Superintendent of Schools" -- too funny! You do look older in that picture. Could definitely be the clothes. Actually -- it's gotta be the Sweatervest Effect! (you know I love that...)

"Praise Jesus I ended on a bang with this kid.." Oh YEAH? Do tell. Good prom night gossip is priceless.

I do think your choice of dance dresses was outstanding. Very nice taste, woman.

And that photo with the REM t-shirt reminds me of an album cover. Some alternative band consisting entirely of preteens.


bad choice of words of "ending with a bang", just meant I didn't end up in the girls' room in a puddle of tears, or him being a dick trying to "git wit me" or beign a drunk asshole, etc. And then of course, the party which completely blew me away. just snaps all around.


What a great dance retrospective post! I never had the guts to go "stag", which is why I only went to one Homecoming and had to take a friend to Prom. And in much less cooler dresses than you. The Hair Do-Over photo? Looks exactly like me in the eighth grade too!


TB- fuschia tulle is just around the corner, dear, hang in there one more season. I hope you have some teal accesories to go with it.

Jen- wow, i am really digging you in that bridesmaid's dress-- classic butt bow and everything!


Mmmm. Love's Baby Soft, Bonne Bell lip smackers (the honkin' huge ones, not those tiny pieces of crap they sell now at Target), Noxema, Seabreeze, and Aussie hair products. That sure takes me back. When it was perfectly okay to say "aren't they supercool? I bought them at, like, Penney's," when referring to clothing. Life was so much simpler then. Oh! look at the time - I have an hour-long skin appointment with my Proactive. Gotta jet! Nice post.


As someone who witnessed each phase, let me say that you were always your own person and George and I admired you for that. Clearly you had a better handle on your personal style than anyone else, as evidenced by your adorable eigth grade picture and senior prom. Don't we always seem to look the goofiest when we're either forced into someone else's idea of who we should be or blindly following the "in crowd"? It's not till mid twenties, or so that we seem to be valued for the unique being that we are. Once we hit 50, it's time to work on being kind and developing a good sense of humor, cause the rest is shot to shit.
(You heard my pitiful prom woes in the Niece/ Prom Queen letter. At least you have pictures)

Liberal Banana

Aw, being mistaken for a boy? That's ridiculous. Those girls should be boiled in a vat of hot oil for that. How mean! Everyone's teen years are awkward. (Unless you live in Hollywood, I guess.) You're a lovely young lady (heh heh, I sound like an old woman) and THANK GOD the awkwardness of the teen years ends. Can I get an amen?


Mmmm...Momma likes vests!!

So very brave you are...



yeah, thank God you only have to do that just the one time. For the record, I did not pick out that sweatervest. In the pictures following, do you see anything that would indicate that?

Marnie, I feel good that I wasn't the only one who pulled the "buy the same sweatshirt" stunt to get a guy's love (I mean, it as either that or learn to put out, right?)

I feel that that bridesmaid dress was too subtle for such a formal affair as a wedding. I think next time I need something with more material. And a bigger bow, if that's possible.


As one who is a leetle older then you, I must confess that I had the full on, Gunne Sax dresses. Hoop skirts galore.
Big ass bows. On ass...and shoulder.

I think you look quite nice. Even in the slut dress

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