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September 22, 2006



good to know you're not a TOTAL lost cause. I'll call off the men with white coats. Although maybe I should hold them on retainer while we see how tonight's dreams go....


OK, MUCH better!


As a person who has featured some unlikely fellows in my own nocturnal mental meanderings, I think I've figured this one out. Since our dreams are not to be taken literally, but rather symbolically. I believe that when such men as these appear, it is to "round out" or balance the strictly "pretty boy" types our libido would have us feature. Sure they're fun for awhile, but who could survive a life without humor for very long? (Plus they make for an hilarious post!)


Mmmm, Mark Ruffalo-NOW you're talking! He is yum-my!


Um YEAH! Say whatever you like. Someday I'm going to tell your kids all about the time you got jiggy wit Danny DeVito... Oh yeah, bam chicka bam bam..


Is it just me or is he totally getting hotter? I never thought he was that cute in Eternal Sunshine or You Can Count On Me.


TB, 13 going on 30 sealed the deal for me.

Amy, I'm not justifying. Just saying I get around?


No Amy, that'd be me justifying... It WOULD be a pretty funny survey, to see the list of unlikely romantic encounters that individuals had, when their unconscious took over, though. Don't you think?


Mmmmm. Those lips. He's a keeper...regardless.


Have you seen "We Don't Live Here Anymore" with Naomi Watts?

Mark was hot. Sizzlin'


Most of the time I feel- well, I think George Carlin described it best when he said, "Ever have Vu Ja Da? That is when you swear you have never experienced this before." And let me tell you, there are times that can be quite good.


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