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October 21, 2006



Things I do fast (which could be a meme in itself!)

1) Pee (you have some competition)

2) Shop (I do NOT browse)

3) Shower (in and out in qo minutes, baby)

4) Absolutely nothing else.
(I am Pokey Von Molasses where everything else is concerned)


contrary: for what it's worth, Mike refers to me as "the human rain delay" when it comes to getting ready."

also, I am a faster pee-er than you. Not to brag or anything,


I know that abdomen swipe. You're right-- belts can be confusing.


OHMYGOD you are so my friend.

I pee so fast that one of my friends suspected I wasn't washing my hands. I had to take her with me a few times just so she could see the speed-peeing. (Well not the act of peeing itself...just the aftermath)


People who dawdle in the bathroom drive me nuts. Thank goodness for people like you...and me.


I'm with you on the cash thing. I wish they would just do away with it. Gimme a retnal scan anyday.

You might want to consider some elastic waist pants (please no) to avoid the zipper paranoia... Just sayin'.

I'm glad that you know that there is Canada above Washington State, Montana, Idaho.. Someone I know (an American) used to speak of Canada being "overseas." I wonder which sea they thought they might have to travel across...? Yes, I am on the Left Coast.

And in case Jenny talks to you... I am neither British nor Columbian.



ar eyou sure you aren't (brit or columbian)? I swear, I see something in the eyes there...


Oh, I'll take you on in a fast pee challenge any day, girl. ANY DAY.

Jess R

You'll have to post a non-blurry pic of that new haircut! :)

Interesting how many fast pissers there are out there.


Love the haircut.

I'm another fast pee-er. especially in portolets because really, who wants to spend a lot of time in there anyway. I can zip and buckle when I get out in the fresh air.


I like the hair. I think the length suits you.

When I worked at a library in my first job, we'd have to get someone to sit at the desk for us when nature called. I had one coworker who was in and out very quickly each time. When I'd remark, "That was quick," she'd reply, "Well, it's not like there's anything interesting going on in there!" True, I guess.


Ya know, that open fly will come in handy the next time you need some cash for the bus or the soda machine.

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