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October 04, 2006



Crikey. I don't want to know Tips #1-240. Sounds like you need another spa day :)

Jess R

Ouch! Reading that made my arm hurt.


Ouch! My shoulder is having sympathy pains for you. I will make a note to avoid buses and elevators.


yeah, "*that'll* wake ya up. trust me.


Yes...that was awfully nice of him. Kudos to you, Mr. Bus driver!


Hmm. I'm not sure that 'not dragging someone to their grisly death' can technically be defined as an act of kindness.

I do appreciate him for it, though.


contrary, I take what I can get from Boston's Finest Bus Drivers.

(He didn't even ask if I was ok...RUDE!)


Yeah, NYC subway doors also do not open automatically when you place your arm in them.


Hmm, Madge reminded me of my youth. When working in downtown Manhattan and rushing for the D train. My body made it in the subway, but my purse did not. I had to cling to it for dear life, til the next stop, as it was stuck in the doors and no one seemed to care.


Can we say- "Jogging Partner"?



Yeah, I'm going to have to second Contrary on this one.

Hope your arm is feeling better.

And yes, I'm definitely planning on doing your five questions +1-- soon! soon!


Oh man, that made me laugh out loud! I can just picture it. Hahah!

(sorry for your bruise)


Ouch...damn those bus drivers.


You big city girls live the most exciting lives. I almost never have to worry about having my arm torn off on a daily basis.


I'll bet he has your golf clubs too.


Metro trains don't bounce back either, unless the train conductor takes pity on you as you're standing on the platform hopping up and down and yelling (and with your bag jammed in the damn door).


That sucks. There's always that moment of terror even when you put your hand or foot out to stop elevator door as to whether it's actually going to work.

Fraulein N

Damn. Bus drivers are such bitches, man.


OW! I too learned this the hard way on the subway. Yeah, ouch.

Good thing he took pity on you. Or did you flash him with your free hand?


I've tagged you. You may hate me now.


Ow! And I was feeling all sorry for myself about my sore arm from the flu shot.

You beat me.


Great blog! I added you to my typelist on typepad, if you don't mind. I knew when Fraulein N recommended your blog, it would be good.

I have to say, regarding bus drivers, I thought this one bus driver in NYC was bad when she was eating(!!) Chinese food while driving. But your bus driver is way, way worse.

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