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October 14, 2006



Is that really your new place? It's beautiful! Talk about finally getting a piece of the pie!

But wait-- Does it have closets? I hope it has closets!


closets? yeah (I linked the bedroom one) tho the place is just configured differently, so some space (bathroom) is much less where others (kitchen has a pantry-like one, bedroom) are improved. I put a few more on my flickr pages...


I feel your pain about moving. I am still recovering. Your new place looks fab.

You live across the street from a dog park!? Oh my god. Spa day looked wonderful! You have been seriously busy.


Moving sucks. I couldn't believe all the expired FOOD I had hanging out in my cabinets. 5 year old Campbells Soup,anyone? Not to mention the 6 gallons of expired infant cold medicine I poured out.
New place looks awesome, though!


Wow, looks spacious. I am happy for you that you finally have a real closet. That's got to help with respect to your space issues.

And geez, judging from the pics, you're more unpacked and decorated than I am -- even though I've been here for almost 4 yrs now. Sigh.


Oh my GOD! This fireplace looks like something out of a Nora Ephron movie. I am suffering from unadulterated envy at this moment. And it's killing me.


Moving sucks donkey balls, but it does force you to get rid of the useless shit you've been saving for years.

Also your new place is so pretty!


Kudos on the move and the fireplace! Even though I love my house and never want to move again ever ever, seeing a shiny clean new place like yours always makes me want to move. Also, I've never seen a closet like that before, either in Ohio or out here in Seattle--interesting!


A Big closet? Ooooooooo. Heaven.

And sistah, I feel ya on the whole "throwing shit away that should have been dumped years ago, but You just never got around it it...."


New closet! HURRAY!

That place looks gorgeous! So are you throwing a blogging party at your new joint?


I'll help you look for your camera charger, if you'll help me find that other shoe to the pair I love best in the world.


(Congrats on the new place. It looks loverly!!)

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