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December 04, 2006



You've gotta be seriously fun at parties.


Haha...it must be in the air...I just posted about a mis-hearing of Little A's! I have bad hearing too....even people I love, like the great Tori, I still usually massacre.


You encounter this often...I seem to recall shattering your world when explaining that "krunk" is not the word they use in "Baby Got Back"...Didn't we have to sing the same verse over and over until you believed me??


My kids go nuts with me singing along in the car. I just basically require that the words have the same amount of syllables and similar long and short vowel sounds...as in belting out Cher's "IF THEY COULD READ MY MI-IIND" (uh, Mom that's if they could turn back time?)


We have this book in our bathroom, for moments when we're, uh, sitting for a while, called "Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy." It's full of misheard lyrics...sounds like you should be in there. ;)


mamatulip, I would totally love that book.

I aslo used to think that Irene Cara lyric went "Take your pants off...and make it happen" when in fact it was "Take you *PASSION*". It didn't help that when she appeared on Solid Gold she was wearing a micro mini dress (gold lame if memory serves) with a belt thru it thereby appearing to a 10 year old me "pantless"


I gotta put in my misheard lyrics! I had a friend who regularly misheard lyrics back in 1982 and here they are:

1. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson--"Beat it, beat it, no one wants to be a fetus!"

2. "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go Gos was "I love Cecil!"

I miss her.


Heh. You said Muff.

Also, I'd love to hear you sing Elton John's Yellow Brick Road sometime.


Take your pants off and make it happen?!?! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!

I already need to turn the f-ing closed captions on the TV. Does that mean I'm old and decrepit?


Victor is *always* making fun of me for freestyling.

I think it takes a great deal of creativity to remake a whole song yourself. It's a talent, really.


I MUST sing while I do housework. It's just me and Whitney. Or Bette. Or, um, Barbara.

I do love your rendition Jen. You crack me up!


This is probably of absolutely no interest, but the term for it is a Mondegreen.



thanks i thought thats what they said in that song too and was directed to this page via yahoo search for "we'll make big bets"

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