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December 25, 2006



Strike a pose -- there's nothing to it!

Merry Christmas to you, dear Jen.


Looks like an invisible tug-of-war in that last photo.

Thanks for the entertainment today. Provided me with much-needed breaks from Christmas and family overload.


"It was Christmas Eve, babe/In the drunk tank."

I sort of can't believe the rest of those pictures on Flickr.


Someday, I will be invited to such merriment


Man, my parties are so incredibly lame compared to yours! If you ever come to Seattle, please promise to stop by and show me how to mix it up the right way!


Shan, of course! I love Seattle. But it definitely helps to have the right mix of friends which of course I am very lucky enough to have on hand.

Dawn (and Nan), next year you're invited! we can do a warm-up in Chicago this summer.


Oh sweet baby jesus how i wish i lived in MA and was on your party list. But, alas, I think my brand of crazy might just tip the very delicate balance you have going on there...and I stress *delicate*.

Happy Holidays!


Holy vageena do I wish I lived next to you. I'm willing to relocate. And drink rug-colored liquor.


Extending the Benatar Love, your group motto should be: No One Can Tell Us We're Wrong!

Without any air-spanking or man-on-man crotch grinding, it all looks fairly tame to me.

(I could help you out with that BTW.)

jen fromboston

Madge - what do you think Jess is doing to Julie in that pic in the middle of the montage?

Yah, we were trying to do the walking pyramid shimmy she does in that video and coming in with our baddest "WE ARE STRONG". I mean, considering we didn't rehearse or nuthin I felt we reflected the emotion of the battle cry of Ms Benetar's vid rather accurately.


Good lord, I had no idea. Why oh why did we decide to go home early?


You guys are brimming with self-confidence/bravado or simply...a lack of shame. Regardless, I envy your ability to participate in such ribaldry. I just don't think I have it in me.


Ah, I love the rest of the pictures too. Suz's expression in that one is priceless, as is the wrestling photo.

Did I tell you my bro is moving to Boston? Can't wait to get up there and party with you all, though somehow I imagine I'm sorely out of practice.


Merry Christmas Jenn! It looks like you had a fabulous time.

I hope no fingers were injured or eyes poked out in the process... there was a lot of pointing and flourishing going on there.


Happy Holidays, but it looks like you need no wishes from me to get you there! Hilarious!

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