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December 09, 2006



No idea on that last one.

I think I hated the sangria.

Also, I have pictures of that first night. And they're scary.


Okay, now you've got me muttering "I feel just butter to go for the PJ. That's how I feel, Tim." It's like some secret code or something!


We have many of these too that have made their way into our everyday language. For example:
"It's an aerial view, but not an areola view."
and after staying in a log cabin - "This place is THICK." Thick has now come to mean anything that is good or cool.


Hmmm...now I'm wondering what the PJ could be...hmm...Prune Juice?

No idea. I can say one thing, though, that Brian sure can swing a soup spoon...that was LOUD!

Another memorable incident from that week: I passed out blissfully and Brian decided to come kill me. He shouted and jumped and in one motion I woke up and flipped his flying carcass into the wall next to the bed (THUNK! It was a 10 out of 10 move..perhaps the best thing I've ever done).

This angered the beast and he jumped up to kill me, only to be opposed by the sudden and timely appearance of my roommate Jen.

Thanks Jen!

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