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December 31, 2006



affectively? They _do_ seem affected, now that you mention it... And don't talk to me about power ballads until they come up with something that even approaches the awesome power of, say, "Home Sweet Home" by the Crue.


B- their gritty emotion as they express their tender feelings of *both* hurt and pain that tell a story of um, important uh, things? This is a band tht takes risk. And we haven't even tapped the artfully restrained use of echo effects in Far Away [farawayyy,farawayyyy] worthy of it's own post. What is not to love here? And just cuz you think they're affected, doesn't make Save Me less than stellar. Ditto You Remind Me. Seriously, you don't know what yer missing. Plus, I thought that the lead singer would ugly be enough for you to find them at least ok.

P.S. The Crue can kiss my ass, and I say that with all the love in my cold, black heart.


erm, I'm sorry, but Achey Breakey Heart has been known to reduce men to tears as well.. but.. yea, I think that statement finishes itself.

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