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January 24, 2007



Looks like you and your latin lover are getting along quite well. I am sure in no time you'll be rocking and rolling just like you've been together for years.


maybe this is a good time to point out that I named the camera after my Dad. heh. (I have no kid, no pet, not so much as a potted plant, so this is my "baby".)

why the camera speaks with an Antonio Banderas accent is beyond me.


A girl I used to work with used to come over and look at a picture I have of Dad (Steve) and myself on my desk and she would swoooooon. She swore he looks JUST like antonio banderas. my response "ewwwwww stop lookin' at my dad like that that's gross he's.....my daaaaad". Didn't stop her, it just encouraged her I think.


Okay, so now I know why the J. Crew catalog was on my pillow. I just thought it was a hint.


Reformatting after uploading? Why for? Sounds like something I should be doing...

I've had my camera since June and I am still learning every day.

What lens(es) are you sporting? I really drool over the wide angle lenses... somebody better get me one for my birthday or else!



I have a 28-70mm and a 70-300mm. I prob. will use the 28-70mm 85% of the time (I got some package deal and it came with that zoom). I would love to get a superwide angle lens. and a non-built-in flash.

the reformatting thing is better for the memory card - I'm sure I'm wording this wrong but it keeps it cleaner (?). Bottom line, it's beeter for your card, which I can only assume means it's better for your pics.

you ever want to talk shop/trade tips, drop me a note. I could probbaly go on all day about this.


"Mother, may I sleep with danger?" Brilliant Lifetime moment! Love it.

Steve is handsome and talented indeed.


JessR - Tori Spelling is a fine actress!!


Honey, I slept with danger twice last week! And it was gooooood, my friend.

It was real good.

Nice work!


Yeah. Um. I really didn't understand any of that until the part with the pools of blood behind your eyes, which is kind of awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying your new baby!


I admittedly know NOTHING about photography, but I really like that last shot. Very nice.


Oh Steve, you naughty, naughty boy. Don't you know that J.Crew model slept with the JC Penney tighty-whities model? For shame.

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