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January 15, 2007



My quirk happens to me at the grocery store check-out line. When I get everything out of the basket and put it on the conveyor belt thing...I have to put everything on there according to size & shape. And all the labels must be facing toward me.

Yeah. I know.


I have no quirks. I am so normal as to be slightly abnormal. Nope, no quirks here.

(is a penchant for weird, yet ultimately harmless injuries considered a quirk?)


My obsessions are in fact well documented, and not a secret at all.


I have something like 7 duvet covers - that's a disturbing number for a heterosexual man (some would argue that having _any_ duvet covers is a bit much for a guy, but I'll claim laziness - way easier than actually making the bed). That, and the books - the endless number of books.


Chase- that is a first I've ever heard that one. I would love to watch that just once.

Contrary, you do set the bar for self-injury. maybe a new tick for 2007 is in order.

Jess, while it's true you have some of the best documetation going on obsessios (TV, crushes, TV crushes etc.), I gotta believe that there is something we don't know about (stockpiles of unicorns? lipglosses? striped socks? your books are arranged by some strange system?)

Ben, the fact that you, a guy, even know what a Duvet cover even IS, is impressive enough. that said, 7? just,... wow.


My thing is beauty products... namely Philosophy products. We don't have Sephora in Canada, so whenever I am in the states I feel the needs to buy insane amounts of Philosophy because god forbid I run out of my Hope in a Bottle and start sprouting zits.

I think we (as in women) should be given some sort of grace regarding anything purchased at Sephora. They pump crack into the air that makes you HAVE to shop.

I am not going to Sephora.com. No. Not. Well.. maybe there is a sale.....



OMG! My most recent pair of Asics looks just like those on the bottom right. I'm not so much a running shoe addict as a person who tries to rotate her shoes religiously and then hang on to all the old ones.


Well, I am addicted to lip balm. Must have it near me at all times. I apply it usually once an hour. Is that weird or normal?


Socks and pajama bottoms from Old Navy. I must have 6 pairs of pajama bottoms and god knows how many socks. I can't stop buying them! I have a problem. Fortunately, the pajama bottoms I've been seeing recently at Old Navy suck, so it's not an issue. For the present.


Books. I collect books. We just moved and I had 17 of the boxes that office paper come in, full of books. That's when I realized I have a problem. I'm trying to curb my habit, I went and got a library card.


I don't isolate my love for shoes just to the athletic kind....quite the contrary I am an equal opportunity shoe lover.However you ask kris and those shoes are NOT new I've "had them forever, I just don't wear them." BUT new shoes mean nothing unless they are not in the corresponding shoe container in the proper style and color section in my closet. So there you have it, my tick, my quirk, my compulsion all it one neat tidy and extremely organized package.


Wordgirl, yeah those are my current favorites. And the nikes (far left/bottom) are the old standbys that I've had for over 3 years.

Marn- we have sephora too, and I swear I need to get myself a buddy (for The Buddy System) b/c I become to overwhelmed/overstimulated when I get there. You think it's a coinicndence that there aren't any clocks in those places? And I'm sure your theory of pumping in O2 (er, crack) thru the vents like the casinos is correct.

Jess, I feel ya on the lipbalm as I too have had a recent "fliration" with the stuff. I'm not quite addict level tho there is a certain level of uh, "codependancy" going on. What you're doing isn't weird tho. I think you need to talk about your inner dragons I mean, demons.

Shannon- I've been there, and again, if it weren't for limited space, I'd have a whole drawer just for those. Yeah, lately they've sucked. what up with that?

Carrie, this is why I limit my reading now to just US Weekly and my neighbor's J Crew catalog. Disposable and I still manage to keep up with current events and fashions. Win-win.

Em- you need to seek in patient level of help (and when you do I'll go thru your carefully labelled boxes).


I have a footwear problem in general. I lost count after 4 dozen... it's bad, really bad. I might even have as many running shoes as you because I've bought several new pair since high school but never parted with any of the old ones regardless of how worn out they are. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.


I have one pair. I've had them since 2000 and they still aren't really worn out, although I have been contemplating replacing them lately. This may explain why I have jiggly bits all over and you do not.


Hook a sista up would ya? I have the same damn pair of running shoes (from KOhls) that I bought because the last pair got blood on them from work (for those who don;t know - I am an ICU nurse, not a psycho...). They have not improved my running or the look of my calves. I could use a new pair but I am too damn lazy/cheap to buy them. Wannna send a few my way? My only quirk would be the need to constantly vacuum. Maybe it's the dyson I bought and I like the instant gratification a good vacuuming can give you along with seeing the dirt sucked up into the visable container. It makes me feel like no matter how cluttered my house is from kids toys and the lie, that I have control over the dirt in my carpet. Twice a day sometimes. Ah, the sweet smell of purified air!


a few of these are 8.5's - if you can manage that, there are a few I'd part with willingly. The top 2 left are hardly worn.


By the way, I am totally jealous of your D80.

Seriously green.

You are such a bag... with such an awesome camera. I used to envy your shoes, apartment, loving boyfriend, athletic legs...

I swear, so much jealousy is going to make me explode.



I am producing a TV show where we are looking for people with small quirks like this, if anyone has any interest in being on TV and talking about it and maybe finding out why it happens, in a fun way let me know. email me at the above email.


Hmmmmm. I go in phases. Sometimes it's black shoes -- I have to have different styles for different outfits -- other times it's handbags. For a while it was Lush bath and body products. Right now I must be between obsessions because I can't think of anything in particular that I must have in force. (But I'm sure it will come to me.)


LOL. Have to laugh that all the laces are tied. ;-)


yeah, I kick off my shoes. untying is for the weak!

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