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January 04, 2007



This happens to me when I use headphones that have any kind of exposed metal on them. You know, an extension or something like that. Do yours have something similiar?


Ok Jen, Im thinking that the thrifty gene is in overdrive here. Really, couldn't Santa have brought you another pair?? But in an effort to help out an old friend I did a Google (what else) of "electric shock from headphones in ear" and found out that NO you are not alone. And someone has found not only had a similar experience, but a frugal alternative. so follow this link to a fellow bloggers story and see if this helps.




UPDATE: A Froogle search for the headphones also found them at J&R for $34.99. As I remember you have a birthday coming up. Maybe one of your blogger friends will get you some.




ooh, I can afford $35. thanks for the find.


I am dying here. I'm a HUGE Cheers fan and I know exactly which episode you're talking about. My god. The funny. It hurts.

I hate those fucking earbuds -- the ones for my Shuffle always feel like they're slipping out of my ears too (which always gets me wondering if I'm producing too much earwax and if I should investigate ear candling...), but if the shocked me? I'd be laying out the greenbacks to get a decent pair, pronto.


Stop it!! This happens?? How am I ever going to be able to run again?


I am an earbud lover. I have no problems with them. I do like those sweet green headphones.

I dropped a pair of earbuds in the bathtub and once they dried out they worked, but also gave me a jolt randomly. I'm sure I still have them, so if you are cheap, I am too.


Don't be so cheap - buy a good pair _once_ -- no more problems. I, with my over-engineering fetish, have the Bang & Olufson Earphones ( http://www.bang-olufsen.com/page.asp?id=46 ). They are stupid-expensive (thought half-price if you known anyone in Hong Kong), but 1) sound simply awesome for an open-ear earbud, with surprisingly good bass and 2) will _not_ come out of your ear until you want them two. A truly excellent design. You'll only need to buy one pair and they'll last a lifetime (unless, you know, you leave them in a cab, along with your AM Walkman, after listen to the Sox and spending too many hours at bar afterwards... I'm just saying...). You can also get the sound-isolating earphones, like the Shure EC4Es, but I wouldn't want to wear those while running -- you'd miss all the car horns that way.


God, I preview my comments and still screw up; that's "...will _not_ come out of your ear until you want them to."

Abe Froman

Okay, first off, "Dance Mailman" is just about one of the best television moments ever. EVER!

Secondly, I used to get zapped by my $15 (hearing aid-like) headphones when running on the elliptical dealy. I eventually determined that after running long enough and sweating, the sweat would hit some crappy connection on the crappy headphones and then zap me. Once it started, there was no stopping them from randomly zapping jolting you. The answer to the problem was a pair of slightly better $25 headphones.


So so funny. Ow.


uh. wow. but this is good. now you don't have to pay for electroshock therapy. Bonus!


I've never heard of such a thing, but then again the fastest I run while wearing my headphones is to the Starbucks in the airport terminal.

Are your ears sweating? Could it be a moisture thing?


if you go for those ones on JR, you can be a complete Sennheiser snob, added bonus... but that green..


do a search on google for "dance mailman"


JOhn- That totally makes my day! HA.


I get those shocks in my ears, too, when it's cold and dry and my hair brushes against them. I've tried more expensive headphones that don't stick out of the ear much and still had the same problem. I found that if I hold the ipod in my hand, it grounds it and I don't get the shocks in my ears. But, it isn't always convenient to hold. I tried the silicon covers, hoping that would ground it, but it didn't work.

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