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March 23, 2007



Ugh. I'm turning 35 in a month and I still have oily skin and get acne breakouts (it's like continuing to live in the 80's when I was a pimply teenager...stuck forevah!). I have tried everything from Proactiv to Clean and Clear to battery acid (warning: joke! do not attempt!). Moisturizer? What's that. I feel like I'll never get to use a nice moisturizer, not even when I'm an old lady. They all make me break out just looking at the bottle. I'll be going straight from zits to wrinkles.

I've been reading Amalah over at the Wednesday Advice Smackdown for months now and she's always pimping the Philosophy products that you can buy at Sephora. They have one for congested skin and I think I'm going to break down and spend the big bucks to try them. Last ditch effort and all.

Oh and great pictures. Looks like you had a fun St. Paddy's day!


The second to last pic is my fave. Great expression.

My skincare deal is pretty loose. If I remember to wash my face, I wash it (I use Aveeno facial wash stuff). If I don't remember, I don't wash it. I don't wear makeup and I really don't buy moisturizers or anything...once n' a while I swab my face with Witch Hazel.

And that's it.


I used Cetaphil to cleanse in the am and those Oil of Olay cloths at night. I've tried a lot of moisturizers, but I always go back to Oil of Olay Total Effects. It's not fancy, but it does the job. For eyes: I use Philosphy Eye Believe in the PM and Philosophy Hope in a Tube in the am. I also do Philosphy's Microdelivery Peel every week, and Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing mask three times a week. Both of those products really brighten up my face.

This sounds like sort of a lot. But I've never had a salon facial, and my skin looks pretty good.


I'm turning 38 in a cpl months and still haven't come up with a skin care regime I stick to.
Winter's the worst for me - dry, red skin - so I use Cetaphil moisturizer in the morning and a Clinique toner at night.
Otherwise, I wash my face in the shower in the mornings - I know, bad, bad, bad.
My 16 yr old son uses the entire line of the Body Shop's Tea Tree oil products and has amazing skin for a teenage boy.
Obviously he is smarter than I.


I've always had pretty perfect skin, except for the freckles. Since there's really nothing you can do about freckles, except try not to get anymore, I've really never worried about it.

I take my one pimple a month like a man (or a pre-menopausal woman. whatever) and don't worry about it much the rest of the time.

I have been eyeing firming creams lately though. My eyelids are starting to go into hiding and my chin is doing mean, subversive stuff when I sleep.


Dig your pose in the 2nd photo.

I had awesome skin as a teen, and really just did what I showed in my Real Moms post: soap and water. It worked quite well for me then. Pregnancy changed my skin a ton (and I'm sure aging plays a part) and now I need a more detailed regimen.

In the morning I wash my face in the shower -- I alternate cleansers between Cetaphil, Philosophy's Purity Made Simple, and their acne wash (recommended by Amalah -- sounds like she and I have similar type skin). I use the Philosophy acne spot treatment on troubled areas, and follow with moisturizer. There again, I alternate between Lush's Imperialis and some Oil of Olay kind.

I don't normally wear makeup (tho I should, just lazy), but when I do I remove it with Lush Ultra Bland. I try to wash my face every night, using one of the cleansers above. I don't tend to moisturize at night since my face can get oily.

Occasionally I use eye cream -- I have some Fresh Lotus Eye Gel which was a Sephora splurge a ways back. I need to find something new cause it's running out and that's too pricey for regular use. And once a month or so I will use a mask for cleansing, I have several kinds.

And yes, I am a product whore.


I've been using moisturizer at night since I was like 12, but I'm inconsistent with brand. I'm 34.5 and JUST NOW getting lots of zits. Not cool. At any age. I don't know what to do.

I'm using some Target brand eye serum (like it) and Oil of Olay night moisturizer, and Aveeno SPF something something during the day. Here's a new thing I'm trying (which stupidly inflames the zits): mixing eucerin cream with pulverized rice (no seriously) and rubbing it all over my mug; then I wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It's awesome...except for inflaming the zits that I kind of refuse to treat because I just want them to go the f away.

Wow. Too much info on my gross face.


Yah killin' me with the oral hygiene post and now this. I'm kind of like you, I think. I brush with a sonic toothbrush which is really like the best thing ever invented. Ever since I started using it 7 or so years ago my tooth cleanings are a breeze and I never get lectured by the hygienist anymore. I'm also a daily flosser of all my teeth, so we have that in common... what?

Anyway for facial care I use a cleanser with exfoliant followed by eye cream because my eyes look increasingly sad, tired and crepey. And that's it. Nothing fancy and no $80 products because Allure magazine says that Olay Regenerist is just as good as the fancy brands and by God I believe them.


As I sit an type this I am wearing a Biore Pore Cleaner thing Nose strip. It is 8:20 a.m. on a Monday.

That is all.

Fraulein N

Oh, I am so bad about skincare. I'm all about the plain warm water unless my skin tells me that it needs more. And by "tells me" I mean "FREAKS THE HELL OUT." If it's getting dry and flaky (ooh, pretty!) I dab some moisturizer on there. I think it's Clean & Clear; that's been my brand for a while.

If my skin gets oily and starts to break out, I'll try to remember to wipe it down daily with an oil-fighting astringent(again, Clean & Clear). I heart salicylic acid, man.

Occasionally, I will use an exfoliant like the Apricot Scrub from St. Ives, or something to unclog my pores, like a peel-off mask or those little Biore strips. But again, only if my skin is freaking out can I be arsed to stick to some kind of regimen. Otherwise, it's just plain water for me.

You know what I really need? I really need something that works on the undereye area. I've got lines and puffiness like WHOA, and I'm willing to shell out the big bucks only if I KNOW it's going to work.


Wash with Clinique splash away foaming cleanser every am, follow with Neutrogena light moisturizer with spf 15, a little Burt's Bees lip gunk. That's it. VERY infrequently I will use an Olay Daily Facial cloth, usually if I've had a performance and had to wear makeup. I don't wear makeup normally as my skin has always been fairly clear, aside from the riots of freckles.


Alrighty, I have just found the key to perfect skin (well, my key that is) so I will share. And yes, I am religious.

AM - Cleanse with philosophy On a Clear Day super wash. Hydrate with Hope in a Jar mixed with Hope and a Prayer anti-oxident vitamin C powder.

PM - Purity Made Simple to remove make up. Hydrate and detox with Hope in a Bottle. (Angels must have made Hope in a Bottle because it completely cured my acne)

Every other day - Exfoliate with The Greatest Love and The Great Mystery. I cannot live without these products. Seriously, I would die a pimply mess.

Once a week - philosophy Oxygen Peel. Insta-glow.

Just so you know, I am in no way affliated with philosophy and will make no money from them in endorsements. Although I should. I adore philosophy. It's the most gentle and thorough line of products that I have ever used. But, I really need to stay out of Sephora for a while... I'm sure I've personally made them rich.


oh and, yes I have seen a dermatologist. I've tried everything... and nothing worked except philosophy.

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