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March 13, 2007



All righty then. Get flossing so you can whip that line out next week. ;-)



Hey, at least you showed up. It's about a 50/50 chance I'll cancel ANY doctor's appointment. So...good for you. Or something.


We should call the office and warn them of all your hardwork on flossing, maybe they can have a trophy for you too! Engraved and EVERYTHING. And just think, all that flossing means shorter appointments! Good oral hygiene is FUN! (sorry we're getting Libby used to brushing her teeth now so everything about a toothbrush is SUPER exciting!


What - you mean you're not supposed to just floss on the day of your cleaning?


Ha, I was going to say what sweatpantsmom said :)


I've done that before...you know...show up on the wrong day. So, either that makes what you've done very normal, or I'm infecting the world with my own brand of incompetence and you're simply the latest victim.


I read this after you posted. Laughed at you (WITH you, I mean). Then at 6:45, my therapist called to ask if I'd forgotten about my 6:30 appointment. Damn it.

Keep flossin', my oral hygiene inspiration!


yeah, see? TRICKY these appts. they are.

Oh, and I'm only flossing this religiously b/c I have the braces now.

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