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April 13, 2007



OK, some of those dresses were SO not bad for bridesmaid dresses, but yours...uh, it was not good. All the extra fluff-n-stuff? Yikes.


Oh my goodness. I know I've seen that picture but I forgot about it.

The Times London AND People! Wow. Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame. And I can say I knew you when. (wipes away tears of pride)


Oh, and I found my twin to your dress: http://www.mommaamme.com/mommaamme/2005/11/always_a_brides.html#more

Abe Froman

I remember that wedding. Everyone should have been wearing black like "Exhibit 13"


You. Are. My. Hero.


wow. i mean....just...wow. thats pretty fucking impressive woman. you're a superstar now!!!!

and i like...know you.

sort of.

the cover shot though...the pic with super mario....leaves me speechless. your dress (and your date) is way hotter than hers.


Wow, can I like, have your autograph? How about autographing my hideous bridesmaid dress... I wonder if I have that thing lying around...

...oooh if it's at Mom's I sense a great post coming on. Wonder if it still fits..?


thank you, thank you. I worked very hard for this honor/horror.

Marnie, Now you're making me wish I hadn't tossed it. I think it would be a riot to try it on 14 years later. yeah, see if you can find your (or anyone else for that matter).


Look at you, shameful international superstar.


Oh my god. That is so awesome and I couldn't think of a better person for this to happen to. Seriously you were made for this one.

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