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May 10, 2007



Wow, yes, please share. I've never been brave enough, so I'd love to hear all the, uhhhh.... "gory" details.


waahoo. Anyone who comes in contact with the "after" version (and let's not hope that's too many people) will LOVE it.

Honestly the first time hurts a bit, but after that eh. not too bad. Too me, the scariest part was having to show all the ba-hoo-haa off to this skinny barbie of a girl.

Jen from Boston

My niece refers to this part of the body as "the oochie cooch" (for some reason she says it with a whisp of an adorbale southern accent - strange given she's from/lives by Cape Cod). Love that so much that I am toying of the idea of using that term at the ladeedah Aveda salon.

Jen from Boston

Okay, I'm GOING now.... sure I can't get anyone anything? maybe I can do a report for someone? maybe listen to you talk about your problems? I'm a good listener. are you surrrre? I can stay here and type something up if you need me to. I'm awfully good at that. Except that maybe I am not a very good typist, but otherwise, ya know, helpful.


Ha! And I used to wax my own bikini line too.

The good news is it's over fast.


Pain makes you beautiful.

Jen from Boston

pain makes me red.


VERY red....

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