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May 11, 2007



Girlfriend.. go for the brazillian next time. I want to hear about that!


PS.. I need to know about the ingrown hair factor. I'm a "virgin" too.


Sometimes I cry a little bit when I have my upper lip waxed.

jen from boston

Marn- I don't think I'll ever commit to that level of bravery. re: ingrowns, she asked if I got them from shaving (no) and said this was a good indicator of how I'd fare for waxing (more likely to get them from shaving - this is what she tells me anyway).

Of course, based on the research, I know of stuff that helps if you do get them, or stuff that'll help prevent them. seriously, the link to Advice Smackdown has a lot better info from more qualified people than I could ever give.

I was red for a few days (fine now), and on day 2 wore a pr. of underwear that made it even more uncomfortable. That underwear has since been chucked. This why it is important NOT to do this right before a trip for the beach.


Dude, you asked for MORE. You are ready to go all the way next time.

Jen from Boston

I cannot stress enough: I went the chicken shit route here. Of COURSE I could handle more. Anyone could have. But only a LITTLE more.

Fraulein N

Oh, man. You are so brave. I think I would literally die if I were in that situation. Of embarassment, you understand, not because of the pain. Maybe it's not so bad when it's over really quickly like that.


Dude. Why didn't I know about this sooner? I could have had you guest post on my other blog about trying new things, since I'm TOTALLY chicken shit about this.


Ouch. Was there any alcohol involved? (No, not the topical kind.)


The mind reels at the thought processes that allow someone to come to the conclusion that they would like to wax hair away from buttholes for a living. I don't think I'm alone in this.


I spit a little bit of coffee over the things that you "did not hear". Congratulations on the whole process. I had one bikini wax, the CSS actually, a week before my wedding (which was 4 years ago) and haven't been back. I didn't really love it, but I'd go back for a special occasion. "Summer" just doesn't seem special enough for me to go back. I do know people that have it done quite often. I just don't care to spread 'em (underwear or not) for that many people. Heh.

Not gonna leave my name this time...

I did try self waxing once -- but I was trying to go more for the, um, full effect. It hurt like shit and by the time I got one side cleared I was too chicken to do the other side. Yeah, I was quite lopsided but at least I was still able to sit down, which I wouldn't have been if I'd continued with that course of action.

I actually did the complete shave this weekend, just to see what it was like... the immediate effect was nice (conducive to fun marital activities) but the growback sucks. Itchy.

Yeah, probably TMI, but since you were brave enough to share I figured I owed ya. ;-)


holy fucking shit. that IS HYSTERICAL. you need to submit that shit somewhere. id pay to read that.

that was good. real good. thanks for the story.

i might someday gather the courage to experience that myself.



Hooray for trying it and hooray for it not being as bad as you thought it was going to be.


Justine Cricks

Well, good for ya. The first time often hurts, so one should be prudent sometimes and pick a less-unpleasant choice. A good impression during the first experience can help you out if you want more.

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