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June 10, 2007



Hawaii is so beautiful...it's almost as if someone created it out of his/her imagination. Great pics.


I was looking at your Flickr pics earlier. SO gorgeous!! We're currently trying to decide where we'll spend our honeymoon. This looks like yet another possibility to jot down!


you seriously hold the world in your hands with that camera.

im jealous. i didn't know you had the d80. the d80 is like the MAC DADDY of all Nikons.

now youre a double beyotch for that, and being 80 dollars closer to Chicago.



Gorgeous pictures. I really want to go to Hawaii someday.
Would you be jealous if I told you we have Frangipani (the yellowish white flower on the tree) trees in our yard and also those bushes with the blue flowers? We do.


A veritable piece of paradise. And your pictures...so crisp and concise. Perfect captures!


gorgeous pictures. can you bring your camera with you when we go out in July? and can you get really wasted (I'm thinking VODKA TONICS YUMMY) so I can steal it from you but pretend we got mugged by someone else? Ok good thanks. You can delete this comment now.


HS- the comment she stays. And yes, I will be bringing it to document our get together in mid-July.


oh my god. Okay I don't know you - but are you just a phenomenal photographer, or is it that camera? Because if it's that camera (or perhaps the fact that it's flippin hawaii), I need a new camera. Apparently a D80, whatever that is.

jen from boston

Thanks, ladies.

Tiff- part locale,part camera, part I think I have some kind of eye for stuff.

TB- that's what it's called? And yeah - jealous.


I think I recognize the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Did you ride the little train? Did you get a pineapplel sherbert sundae? Did you buy a magnet?

We did.

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