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June 25, 2007



Happy birthday, MIKE!


You know it's bad when Dwight looks horrified.

Happy birthday, Mike!


Happy Birthday, Mike!

Jen: I suggest some sort of mnenomic to remember the day. For example, Mike's Birthday Is June Twenty Fourth -- MBIJTF -- can become Master Baters In Jeans Towel Freshly.

Easy as pie.


p.s., uhhh, just don't get it confused with June Twenty Fifth.


To be honest I find this stuff just damn funny. The best part is the look, the oh $hit look is priceless.

Ironically, she is fanatical about her birthday, seriously I get a 30-day countdown for the blessed occasion. Oh and the other fun fact is that both my sister and father were born on the 24th of their respective months. I mean you just have to remember one day for three people

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