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June 05, 2007



Just wanted to comment on the Vicadone and Oxycodone issue, both are basically the same thing, (one is a brand name the other is the generic if I remember correctly) and at 5mg with the ability to actually get refills on them without having to visit the doctor is an indication that they are not very strong and if you have a pretty high tolerance for these, then they don't really do much for the pain. I had a root canal and they gave me Vicadone it was a joke, all it did was actually keep me up (I get energy not sleepy when taking these). Unfortunately the ones that people get that they abuse are far stronger and those are the dangerous ones that have a time release that they just crush up and take all 40mg (of a much stronger substance, 40mg of Vicadon and 40mg of Oxycotin are two completely different things). Sorry you are in pain, see if they can give you something a bit stronger, all you are taking is basically really really good tylenol. (BTW I know this stuff not because I'm a druggie but I had cancer 8 years ago and was on all sorts of meds.)

Hope you feel better soon and cute picture!


HI Melina,

thanks your well wishes & info. You're better than WebMD. the way you spoke I would have thought dr/nurse/pharmacist, not druggie. cancer surivor? Wow. I'm sure you know your stuff.

I've always had a high tolerance for pain meds (I've been prescibed a few others and if I get to the point of taking one, I think "this is a joke, right?), tho thankfully I also have a high tolerance for pain and/or I luck out with the 2 surgeries I've had, and so I end up not using them.

The pain has manageable at this point - more of a [expletive] annoying throb that I wouldn't mind if it left. I am just so damn tired form not sleeping, feeling it ache (and for some reason, last night's insomnia I had Rhianna's "Umbrella" song stuck in my head all night, which, FYI, the beat of that song carries the same beat as a throbbing wrist). I might as well go crawling back to Advil and call it a day.

Yeah- admittedly, w/ all the press OxycotIN gets, I was a little "woah" when they prescribed me oxyconDONE, until I did a little reseach yesterday. I was also checking to see if 10-15 mgs was also bad for womam my (not that big) size. I did not find anything on that, though my hunch was 5 mg was not that much. So skitteshly, I took 3 in about 5 hrs. time. Nothing. Not a dent. And I still can't believe I didn't pass out.


Drugs don't have much effect on me, either. I need a horse tranquilizer to get anywhere near pain relief.


do they carry horse tranqu's at CVS? They'd get some business from me if they did.


Perhaps you take one then drink a small glass of wine to heighten the effect?


oxycodone is percodan minus the aspirin. I'm with you. When I was in labor with Brendan, I finally gave in and asked for "help". They gave me demerol (30 yrs. ago). I hated it. All it did was make me sleepy, in between contractions. Then I'd wake up, with a huge jolt of pain. That one dose was the last time I took any medication during any of the 5 labors. (I did have spinals for the 2 c-sections, however, as no silver bullets were available to bite on) Gotta love the whole epidural scene, today...


Glad I could help.

Hey email me some time I live in boston too. [email protected]



Maybe you can get Dr. Savah Von Cutiepie to prescribe some new meds? Something made from Extract of Kool-Aid, perhaps?


Hmm.. Oxycodone is generic for Percocet and is purported to be mildly stronger than Vicodin. Vicodin has an active ingredient of hydrocodone. 5mg of both oxycodone and hydrocodone are the standard dosage but 10 mgs can be taken for more intense pain. You are correct, though, some people do not process the metabolites of opiates effectively. You can try a couple of things to potentiate them- grapefruit juice will make hydrocodone or oxycodone work better/last longer for some people as it makes more of it bioavailable. You can also try crushing it(no, don't snort it!) or taking it with a hot beverage, also to make more of it bioavailable. Try taking it with ibuprofen- you can take up to 800mgs of ibuprofen with a regular dose of vicodin or percoset(this is what the gave me when I had my c-section). Some people respond better to combos of drugs- a muscle relaxer such as soma or flexeril along with hydrocodone or percoset(these have high abuse potential). You can also try a different class of painkiller like ultram or tramadol which also work on the serotonin receptors in the brain. Of course, there are always other erbal remedies to take away the pain... ;)


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good info on the increase effects i will try the grapefruit been taking vic 10/660 since 04 and its 08 and they dont work so good anymore

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