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June 04, 2007



Oh my God. I'm actually shuddering from the poor wonkey wrist. You poor thing!



I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw your bulging wrist. How's that for "feel better!"?


OH that looks painful!


Poor Puddin'! Perhaps one of those nifty "Tonetts" that you sported as a child would be the ticket to carefree hair :-)


I had to scroll very quickly past the wrist pictures, but I hope you're feeling ok. Also, this is why I don't play sports. This, plus all the sweating.


Jess (and anyone else)btw, I feel the need to clarify or confirm: that's not a bone poking out in my wrist, just some serious (fugly ass) swelling, I swear.

MamaT- if I can make you throw up, I feel like I've earned some kinda sick street cred, ye who's seen it all. so, thank you for the compliment.

Ter- ma'hair looks like ASS.


Holy God, that looks painful. I've broken only two things in my life - big toe and nose. The toe hurt like a mofo. Take the drugs!


When I was checking out Jess's cute little belly on Flickr I saw your cast shots and had to come find out what happened.

I got the willies looking at the swelling picture too. You're brave to have played for even a few minutes with your wrist in that condition.

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