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July 21, 2007



I'm from here and I can it a handbag, too.

Marblehead is far, far away.

I should have met you guys for a Sephora run.

HS IS very pretty.

jen from boston

As much as it wants to be, Maine isn't part of the 617.

Actually, I think I read some list of "you know you're in Boston if" deals and it mentioned the pocketbook thing. My mom always calls it that, so think that's how it stuck for me.

yeah, I never made it to the party.

Accessory Authority

As the North American Accessory Expert, I must agree with the shockingly intelligent and compassionate, not to mention healthy-haired, HollowSquirrel.

That big ass PURSE you're carrying about, is, in fact, a PURSE or HANDBAG DUH.

Respectfully your superior,
Accessory Authority


Wow, looks like I'm not the only one who thinks your handbag/purse should NEVER EVER AGAIN be called a pocketbook. Whew. At least now you know and can begin your life anew.

Gee thanks for posting TWO pictures of my giant head. Can't you make the pictures any bigger? Maybe morph it into a ginormous masthead?

YAY you're coming to Chicago! I swear to GOD if you give me crap for ordering a "pop," I'll toss your scrawny ass off the pier.


Purse! It's a purse! A pocketbook is a book that fits in your pocket. Or sometimes a paperback.

And I was drooling just reading about Sephora. We don't have one in BC, but they've put four locations in Ontario and one in Edmonton recently, so I'm hoping they're slowly moving west. Please God, send me a Sephora locale. It's all I ask!

(perhaps I've already told you this story. I tell EVERYONE this story if they dare ever mention The Mecca. If you've heard it, so sorry)



Oh good, so you got your blogher plans all finalized.

HS is indeed beautiful, though I'm with you on the pocketbook thing. Though admittedly now I usually do call them handbags.

p.s., Sephora is indeed the bomb.


My husband's Kentuckian grandmother calls those "pocketbooks" as well, but she refers to carrying one as "packing." As in, "Do you pack a pocketbook? I couldn't remember if you pack one or not." Adorable, and slightly disconcerting.


Dude, she's pretty. I must remind myself to NOT SIT CLOSER TO HER AT BLOGHER. She'll make me look even uglier.

And dude, I've never heard anyone call a purse a pocketbook. EVER. You're weird.


Pocketbook. I've never ever used the word handbag and don't like the word purse. (Purse is a verb - think lips) And I've never heard of a wallet being called a pocketbook. That's just weird.

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