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July 09, 2007



Woo Hoo!! Congratulations! That is excellent. Is it the one you mentioned on Friday?


hooray! this is wonderful news. not to be all pessimistic, but there is still a ways to go, and this is such a crazy, anything can happen process. they know that women get all emotionally involved in this so they will try to yank you around at some point. (and by they i mean anyone in the whole process)

I can't wait to see pictures!

jen from boston

Teri, Different one in different town. I'll email ya.

Ceece, I'm cautiously optimistic even tho I know it's not a done deal until I (and Mike) sign the many, many dotted lines and they hand over the keys. Hell, my sister got her house because someone balked on her property.

But given who I am dealing with, I know I'm in pretty good hands (we know our inspector, the owner of house is a contractor (well maintained/everything important is new), I'm related to our mortgage guy, we want in, current peeps want in to their new house asap, I feel confident. Cautiously confident.


Who-hoo! Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership. Expect to spend an inordinate amount of time and money at Home Depot.


Ooooh, congratulations!!!

You're going to LIVE at Lowes & Home Depot for the next year. It's soooo much fun! :)


Congrats! Owning a home is at least ten times better than I even imagined! You will love it (especially if the hot tub thing ends up happening)!


Hey Jen -- wonderful news! It's always just as much as you can afford, and then more. That's the American way. BTW, if you need a deck, your dad and I used to be able to put one up in a day. Of course, with his bad back and my failing eyesight, it might be worth getting a second estimate!

Skye (wink wink)


Been reading for a while (but have been too much of a wussy to comment - bad blogger and all...)

But this...THIS deserves more than a mere comment!! Were I nearer to you (ya know, like NOT across an ocean) I would buy you celebratory cocktails and a huge, fruit covered slice of tiramisu (is there any greater celebration method in the world, I ask you?).

But alas I lie across the Atlantic, capable of only a happy dance and a hearty "Well done!" in my bestest of British accents.

Really happy for you, Jen.


Who would kid about a hot tub? I mean...really?


hey...ive got a PHONEY COLONIE!!!


congrats jen!!!


Of COURSE they did.


Happy for you, though. No. Really.



Fuckin' A, dude!


Congrats on the new house. Now all of our Southie friends own homes! (and don't live in Southie anymore)

When is the party?

Also, welcome to the world of never really loving your house. "I want a new rug, floor, bathroom, cabinet, porch, front door, window, doorbell, etc.

And what they said about Home Depot and Lowes - Ditto.


So exciting. Good luck!


Congrats to you and Mike! How exciting!! Ugh, Home Depot.


I have got to go gnome shopping


Wow -- big news -- congrats!

Home ownership is so fun. And exhausting, and expensive. But mostly lots of fun -- particularly the CLOSETS!!


bring pictures tomorrow...if you have them! I wanna hear it all! CONGRATS!

Fraulein N



Congrats ;) This new development should lend a decidedly different tone to your blog...I can't wait to hear the ranting and raving about home improvement projects, etc. Hope the whole process goes very smoothly.

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