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July 08, 2007



Oh my god. SO exciting. I'm holding my breath for you guys.

Fraulein N

Squee! You're in like, grown-up territory now.


Praying to St. Garcia! (long story)


Oh, dude! Exciting! Promise me you'll stick a pink flamingo in your front garden.

Fingers crossed...and I'm betting you only managed a few hours of sleep last night. Right?


You do know a new house will require a drive by gnoming, right?


Where are the hand puppets? We may need some intensive therapy to get through this one.

It's that or Death Therapy.


Ooooooh! That is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Congrats and I hope they accept your offer.

Unless you really did offer them Schrute bucks for the thing. Then you're screwed because they have the same ratio as pixies to unicorns. Just ask Stanley.

jen from boston

3 hours sleep. 3 more than I thought I'd get, and all I dreamed of was house...house...house...

Drive by gnoming? well, I hope it's at least of the ones playing chess. they seem the smartest/least likely to cause any real damage.

Death therapy? God, I hope so. True, it's pretty radical but the results are pretty consistent.


what? This is too awesome, but I still think you should have come down to Indiana and bought a super cheap house and w could be neighbors!

Can't wait to hear!


i'd love to go have drinks with you sometime.

seriously. you crack me up.


Yeah yeah.. I'm seriously late.

I remember the night that I bought my first house. I didn't sleep, eat or breathe. It felt like I signed my soul over to the devil.

Then I moved in and it all felt right. You'll start to enjoy it soon.. until then keep the paper bags close.

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