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August 13, 2007



it's Boo YAH!!!! Emphasis on the YAH all....day....long. And here we were focusing on teaching her silly words like, please and thank you and all done.....nope, who knew boo yah was what we should have been working on all along.


Sir Owen has resorted to "bibbidy boppidy BOO-YAH!" as he waves his "magic wand". I am so proud...


Re: #3 - you are an evil bitch. I'm afraid Myles is going to say it as his first word because Jeff watched Cramer every day of my pregnancy and almost every day since Myles has been born. Oy the dude is smart but so freaking annoying.

Nap Queen

Oh wow, I'm jealous you saw Jim Gaffigan live! And met him, too! We watched Beyond the Pale and the Hot Pocket bit about killed me. Loves me some Kathy Griffin, too :)

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