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August 27, 2007



I can't wait to play on the swing set.


My favorite part of owning a house is having a porch/deck. I am lame.

Congrats on the house (and yard)!


That IS a rockin' swingset.

Good luck and congrats!


Damn, that's a nice lookin' pad. Congrats!


Congrats, Jen and Mike! I hope everything went well today. I actually really enjoy painting, so let me know if you need a hand. Very exciting!


Congratulations on the house! And now, you have to tell me, because it's going to drive me crazy if you don't-"Rock the Cashbox". That is from a commercial? A movie? A tv show? I've heard it somewhere. Where? Where? Tell me!!

jen from boston

Col - you realize you put that in writing, right? also ,is this why your arms are so cut?

Jess and Nance - they SOLD "my"/their swing set. Bitches.

E- there was an old commercial that included misheard lyrics - Rock the Casbah was the correct line, and these guys were "rock the Cat box?" "no, the *cash* box" or something.

Trust me, my cash box was definitely rocked today. Wait- that came out wrong.


Cashbox? I thought it was Picasso

jen from boston



Nice yard. Congrats!!

We had a nice yard, once. The former owner of our home was a landscaper. I never knew grass could be so green and lush. But, then we lived in the house three years and ruined it.

Also, I like to paint as well and can usually keep within the lines, but you have to supply me with beer/wine and pizza to do it.


Hellz yeah! It looks awesome. And just think about how buff your upper body will be after all that painting. All the better to hang upside down from the swingset.


But think of the upper body workout you'll be getting!

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